The case of tobacco or everything is very bad ...

in coin •  5 months ago

I noticed such a pattern when the coin’s STEEM is very bad. But now it’s such a period - the price is at the level of US $ 0.70. I wanted to see first that the price had fallen, but then I thought that by and large the price is created artificially and such concepts as growth and fall are not appropriate.
Just today such a price is set for a coin.
But pay attention to the cost of the coin SBD. Probably you will think that this is the real price. But no one will buy a coin at that price. This happens always when there is no demand for coins or it is very small. But what should make us happy? As a rule, after such a bug, the price will increase.
And lastly, on the screenshot, the account for which funds are received for the coins of the WEKU, which the organizers of the project are trying to sell. Well, things are really bad for them. Sold by only 1000 pieces. Sad ...

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