The predictions are back !!!

in coin •  3 months ago

Well you might have remembered the time back in 2017 regarding predictions of price of bitcoin some were saying it may hit $100k or $50 K and beyond blah blah and blah ...

But as soon as the prices went on the low side everyone disappeared now interestingly the same momentum is coming back in the crypto the prices may not be in the favour yet but major people are predicting the future yet again.

Chinese Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

That's an insane number to even think about it heheh but that's how crypto goes the bitcoin is in the verge of breakout at this moment so expect more of these predictions we might see a bit of uptrend but play smartly its crypto nothing is for long !!!

Every profit is a mirage !!!

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More pump is needed to bull again the market.
And cryptos should deliver value to their token holders.

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ok are you sure? :-D

it would be nice... indeed