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The invention of blockchain technology paved way for cryptocurrencies which led to a $200 billion market, according to CoinMarketCap.
Bitcoin today, despite its unique attributes and potentials is still limited to certain few, thus one of its reasons for lack of mass adoption. Also, scalability issues, complexities with the private key are not for an average user in the crypto space. In the world today, the percentage of people having access to smartphones isn't that much. Thus in order to make the crypto space easily accessible to all and sundry led to the creation of Sidera.


Sidera is a full-stack reference execution or Implementation platform that serves as a solution on an end-to-end basis for all applicable part for the "contactless and smartwatch" retail Point-of-Sale (POS).
Sidera additionally incorporates Point-of-Sale terminals as well as a mobile application that are already available.

Sidera intends to encourage users to share their present device, structures and vehicles by incorporating sensors and network availability so as to guarantee a quick collection and trading of information. Sidera achieves this by keeping a ledger for each transaction in such a way that it can be shared without the need for an intermediary or third party.

Also, Sidera aims to empower pervasive global dissemination of the Sidera protocols which will guarantee the fast extension of the value of its platform. This will be achieved by releasing the full-stack reference executions as open source and open specifications.

Furthermore, It is the aim of Sidera to help create a request for old and new, small and big cryptocurrencies so no other cryptocurrency exchange can pass on new cryptocurrency investors or users from any fragment, system, sector or segment with a similar number.


Within Sidera's platform users are rewarded when they take an interest in the Sidera network. This is made possible as Sidera will be easily accessible and easy to use coupled with the suitability of mobile costs, in addition to the user-friendly interface of the smartwatch.

Sidera aims to provide an answer that will reduce complexities thus adding significance of cryptocurrency to users, this, in the long run, will prompt the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies thereby leading to more growth of the crypto space.
Also, the Sidera platform will easily be deployable over the world in areas outside of Europe thus solving related issues. Sidera will have the capacity to achieve the 1 billion user landmark through its worldwide deployment of underlying solutions.

Also, Sidera has faith in the crypto space, therefore, aiming to scale cryptocurrencies which will lead to the required mass adoption.

Furthermore, by developing decentralized wearable devices, Sidera firmly holds data privacy in high esteem. The opportunity and freedom made possible by blockchain technology are one of the reasons Sidera platform was created thus supporting Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain innovation. This led Sidera into building up the world first decentralized wearable device called SmartBit. With SmartBit, users assets are completely encoded, secured around their wrist and furthermore enabling offline "wrist-to-wrist" exchanges and some other impressive highlights.


Sidera is a blockchain-based platform built to present a unique solution in the crypto space thus helping to generate the required demand for small, big, new and old cryptocurrencies. Through this way, Sidera adds value to the cryptocurrencies, thus making users comfortable.




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