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Tibetans add yak butter to their tea and I add raw butter to my coffee for many of the same reasons. Great energy, really good source of saturated fats, which are an important part of good health, is good also for our hormone balance and it supplies us with rich beautiful skin.

It also happen to be delicious. A really healthy latte variety. I use mostly raw unsalted butter which I am very lucky to get here in France, but coconut butter is also great to use.

It is better with a blender. I make a big cup of coffee in my press can, then add it to the blender and whisk it up with a big spoonful of butter and some spices and a pinch of salt. Today I used cardamom and some ginger. Then a few seconds in the blender and I have a creamy delicious drink.

My cup of delicious butter coffee

Raw butter. Serious bonus to the French for selling un-pasturised butter. It is a health product. 30176996_10156777301469311_2074629446_o.jpg

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Looks delicious. :)

Delicious and gives good energy I love it!