Coffee, legends and myths

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Anyone who tries to trace the origins of coffee may find two very famous legends. The story is “Kaldi and goat” and the story of “Ali bin Omar al Shadhili”. Both legends tell the early humans to process coffee beans.

Kaldi and the goat


This story is taken from a growing legend in Ethiopia. In the past, there was a goat owner named Kaldi. One day the Kaldi found his goats hyperactive, jumping to and fro like dancing. After an investigation, it turns out the goat has been eating red berries from trees that have not been recognized. Curiously the Kaldi tried the fruit. After eating it he found himself behaving like a goat.

Kaldi reported this incident to a monk. The monk was interested in Kaldi’s story and he tried the fruit. The effect the monk feels like gets extra energy, he can wake up at night without sleepy to pray. Because the taste of this fruit is slightly bitter, other monks begin to process it by baking and brewing the fruit. Since then coffee is known to be a beverage that can provide extra strength and chase away drowsiness.

Ali bin Omar al Sadhili


It is said that in the city of Mocha, Yemen, lived a physician as well as a devoted Sufi worship, his name is Ali bin Omar al Shadhili. Omar is famous as a reliable healer who can cure illnesses by combining medical and prayer actions. But the lunge of Omar is not favored by local rulers. With a variety of intrigues, Omar rumored to ally with the devil to heal his patient. Finally, the people of Mocha drove Omar out of town.

After expelled from the city, Omar took refuge in a cave he found on the way. He began to starve and found red berries. Omar ate the fruit to ward off his hunger. Because it tastes bitter, he began to process the fruit by baking and boiling it.

But Omar’s processed beans remain inedible. He can only drink water. Unexpectedly the water he drinks gives extra strength. Long story short, water steep made Omar start famous. Many people have asked Omar. Until the phenomenon sounded the city ruler. Then Omar was called back to live in the city. The elixir of black liquid is called Mocha.


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