in coffee •  7 months ago


Remember when I made that film about my favorite coffee shop ATEAZ?

Well I’m releasing Part 2 of that video today. I’m going to go into some tips on how to work with brands that you love.

Stay tuned for that! Also, how do you prefer your coffee?

Taken with my a6500 and the Sony 35mm f/1.8

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This photo made me thirsty for a nice dark Espresso. Only thing that would have made it better if you got that 1 drop to be mid-air.


Haha that would have been perfect! Hope you get that espresso soon!

Wow, i am a coffe fan how can i not like this?

I’m a flat white coffee man.


I like flat whites as well although I usually end up with latte's instead 😂

Oh my God What Amazing picture. I love coffee and this photo makes me make coffee.

Espresso Cooffe, the best in cooffe!