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finals time is quickly approaching and to get through it many college students are gonna do the obvious thing and resort to the use of caffeine to pull those all-nighters and as you go through college and you do that you experience like oh now interesting coffee Anderson energy drinks you think he knows so much about caffeine, turns out though a lot of what you think you know isn't actually true and so as we've done once or twice before we're gonna be doing some myth-busting of popular misconceptions about caffeine and caffeine intake the first of which is that we know how much caffeine is too much and by the way all these are coming from a book by marie carpenter it's caffeinated how our daily habit helps us hurts us and books us and so as I said the first one we know how much is too much and we do think we know what you're supposed to have on a daily basis but the problem is is that you don't actually process caffeine the same every person at it depends on a lot of things.

so let's talk about some of the things that I effect is affected by women on birth control the tablet is caffeine twice as slowly which means they could double the jolt from the same cup of coffee and smokers metabolize it twice as fast there's some people with the genetic predisposition to metabolize caffeine slowly those are the people who are going to be super sensitive to caffeine.

I don't know why being a smoker would do that I don't know either yeah that's one reason why birth control would do that yeah what I guess the pregnancy means like I I think something with the interconnectedness of the bodies i guess i don't know but I die I hope that pregnant women are told that when they become pregnant the guy should tell him right after he begat like you may think that you understand how much would be good but you and the person sure perhaps studying with should not be consuming the same amount and I for a long time I've heard about friends have said the caffeine doesn't do anything for me or something like that and I said yeah whatever but it turns out i can act back to Justin genetically people are affected differently to it doesn't have to do just with brake controller you know what was the other one was smoking smoking acid about you yes and something doesn't hear things you can control and also there is the possibility that you build up a bit of a tolerance for similar to alcohol on the part of that is actually true you do build up a tolerance for it part of it though is a loser e it's that you understand the symptoms other and can sort of control that mentally a bit but you're still being affected this is the same now the second myth is that uh coffee or X drink has why caffeine and we think we know how much because on the label or something like that but as you're seeing this layout this graphical bring up it's not exactly case one researcher found that a 16 ounce cup had five minutes 60 milligrams of caffeine went to the same starbucks and ordered the same blend of copy for six days and found that the levels varied more than 2-fold even espresso shots which are much more regimented can vary and that's just at the exact same starbucks on maybe coffee bean and tea leaf has better quality control of something but even if you didn't think i can do the X amount of caffeine.

you can guarantee that when you just get a cup of coffee or something like that that has exactly that amount i would suspect the energy drinks and things like that are probably more specific because they put it in sort of manually but with coffee at least you can guarantee of property as well yeah so myth number three we are the kings of coffee drinking and by that I think a lot of people think that because there's a starbucks on every corner sometimes two on one corner and we're always drinking and stuff like that that we consume a ton of caffeine compared to other people but apparently I this author who did something some historical research found that that's not the case specifically because we take coffee so seriously.

we make note of each time we drink it we think of it is all I'm gonna go get my cup of coffee and it's gonna be awesome but our parents would just drink coffee they didn't think of it as a big thing that was drinking water like an experience for the most exactly do yeah it's some sort of like caffeinated orgasm something you just do it throughout the day and so in fact they did consume much more caffeine in previous up periods at least in the United States

so I'm going talking about that a little bit do you think that caffeine sort of become a little bit of a fat like the drug of choice do you think that's gonna change again or because we don't know as much as we think we know about the health consequences the benefit there's benefits but there's also consequences it's possible that as with many things like carbs 10 years ago that that public opinion could swing against it, i mean our food habits have changed a lot over the past 50 years or so and so it's possible but I think that because it's addictive it will be difficult to change maybe like the next generation will be big on energy drinks or something or maybe tea will filter in AZ graphically we change racially changed in the United States I don't know it's difficult to imagine because it seems like such an American thing totally and I think it's especially gonna remain i think a drug of choice for like the elite inteligencia that leaves no it's coffee it's like something naturally can totally like drug myself up with us .

you know i'm still being like organ eating organic foods and I'm still doing clean eating my having the coffee and stops okay it's still going to remain I think for certain sub-segments of our could beat her and I think specifically because been consumed for so long like it's the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea yeah I i think that it has a sort of the staying power because we assume that if it was deadly we'd know by now yes although maybe we would live 200 for consuming so much damn coffee now the fourth myth is something that I think needs to be discussed specifically because four loko is going off of the market and this is the drink that originally brought up this myth the idea that combining caffeine and alcohol is going to kill you it's gonna explode your heartbreak the brain or something like that and turns out there's not a lot of science behind that it's mostly sort of a knee-jerk reaction to drinks like four loko or Red Bull involvement yeah read I can't read correctly i don't i don't want to be caffeinated when I'm drinking alcohol possession like dancing and when I'm dancing I don't like twice red bull vodka like out dancing whatever I feel like my heart's gonna jump out of my chest like exactly yeah yeah and so some of the side effects of drinking that could be bad for instance like going and dancing to hardcore I've been known to do that in past two on but the actual just consumption of it is not going to destroy you now uh there are some things like you might pass out a little bit sooner because of the effect it might because you're stimulated you might think it's okay to drink more so there are some potential side effects.

But it's not a deadly it's not gonna like Joffrey you or something like that if you consume a four loko I and and as i said i don't often consume caffeine and alcohol the same time but when I heard that for local is gonna be going off the market I didn't appear drink it's pretty good actually tasting I know I'm a first drink energy drinks anyway those are just for the more common misconceptions about caffeine and what's affecting the body and stuff like that but there's a lot of them so you can be sure that will be back in the future talk about more it was just something to get you think a little bit more as you're sipping your latte in the school library about the possible effects of it and how much you do we do not know about

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