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Today i wanted to share 6x epic reasons like coffee can help you get lean and ripped and how to use it with your intermittent fasting protocol to get rid of ambassador so coffee is the most popular drink of the world even more popular than water and coke and soda and things like that and after crude oil it's the second most heavily traded commodity in the world so it's pretty cool fact if you're looking to get later ripped you should definitely be drinking coffee cut out your monster your redbull all those energy drinks I tell you exactly why reason number one coffee can help you burn fat tend to up to thirty percent faster because it helps release fatty acids into your bloodstream,

which your body without will then convert into energy that leads me to my second point reason number two why did drink coffee is it increases your performance so coffee contains caffeine will help your body boast adrenaline production so it allows you to work out harder so whether you're lifting weights already doing cardio in the gym have to perform better reason

way into drinking coffee it helps you fight disease so coffee's been shown to lower the risk of Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's type 2 diabetes and even liver disease so it's great for your health reason number for coffee is a great source of antioxidants if you know anything about free radical production in your body when you eat bad food your body will create free radicals which kind of cause your body to to age really bad for your health so things like blueberries are excellent sources of antioxidants but so is coffee and even dark chocolate in addition to that coffee has a bunch of essential minerals like things like potassium magnesium niacin riboflavin things like that reason.

we need to be drinking coffee is it helps you get smarter scientific studies studies have proven that improves memory alertness mood awareness energy levels and reaction times so that's another reason to be drinking coffee another reason is it it helps you get rid of the pain associated with working out so we lift weights are again if you do cardio it helps kind of block the soreness the delayed onset muscle soreness that happens the last reason to be drinking coffee is it suppresses hunger so if you're intermittent fasting which is something i recommend everyone to do something i'm doing i'm following the lean gains 16-8 intermittent fasting protocol which i'll create about that later it helps you suppress hunger one awesome trick that I use to to help get even better results is to drink black coffee with cinnamon that cinnamon isn't awesome fat-burning spice because it controls your blood sugar levels it is another powerful an accident and it contains antibacterial antifungal properties .

so I'll take black coffee with about Catholic have a teaspoon teaspoon of cinnamon and I'll add about a teaspoon or maybe even a tablespoon of coconut oil you can get that from trader joes for like seven bucks for a cup you know a container of coconut oil coconut oil is an awesome awesome supplement your coffee because it contains medium change i get diglyceride triglycerides this is a type of fat that's used metabolized by your liver for energy, so it's not it's not going to make you fat it's actually can help you burn fat it also has a fungal properties and coconut oil has been proven to reduce appetite so again drink black coffee you can add cinnamon and add coconut oil too if you want if you want you can add look at a zero calorie sweetener like stevia or trivia is a brand stevia extract you can even add splenda if you want it's not as good as Syria for your body but again those are reasons what you need to be drinking black coffee.

you can add cinnamon you can add coconut oil you can add zero calorie sweeteners to it to make it taste better but again it's gonna help you work out harder it's going to burn fat faster it's going to reduce the muscle story so you feel it's great source of antioxidants you know disease prevention so seriously coffee is the ultimate fat burner energy drink and performance enhancer so get rid of the other you know flavored crap and drink black coffee is going to get lean ripped.

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