A taste of coffee from two different world

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Hi Steemians and Hi Coffee Lovers,

Here I have two coffee from totally two different world. Coffee Ranau(local coffee) and Coffee Luwak(imported coffee).


Coffee Ranau is a coffee made locally from Ranau, Borneo which I bought from a local shop last November. Everything is made local, from harvesting to packaging. Its taste is not quite strong but it has a nice strong coffee smell to which I like. It costs $30 for 12 sachets. Not bad for a local produce.

On my other hand, is the Coffee Luwak. Named as the most expensive coffee. Not sure if it's true. I didn't got to know the price because my brother gave it to me from his holiday trip to Bali. After googling this coffee, I think I might understand why it is expensive.

How do you like your coffee?

Enjoy your coffee Steemians. It's the last day of the year.

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So which coffee has the best taste for you @robmojo? 2 different coffee not just 2 world but 2 different 'resources'. Haha....

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Yup. Two different resource right😂. I loved both though

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