How to Make Cold Brew Coffee without a French Press

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Cold brew coffee is a treat that is usually enjoyed during the hot summer, but it can be created whenever you want. The traditional method of creating cold coffee is generally the same as brewing hot coffee while using a French Press and then cooling it down. Hot brewing is the most common method in how to make coffee.

However, there is another technique called cold brewing that does not require the use of the French Press and provides certain advantages that makes it the preferred method for ice coffee.

Advantages of Cold Brewing
There are a number of benefits to cold brewing when preparing your ice coffee. For starters, you do not need a French Press in order to brew your coffee cold. However, there are other advantages as well.

No Equipment Needed: If you have a spoon, strainer, coffee filter, and jar, you can make cold brewed coffee. It also helps that you can make as much as you want as it will brew all the way through.

Less Acidic: Because it is not being brewed in hot water, the result is coffee that is less acidic and you can even taste the fruitier aspects that are often lost with hot coffee.

Stores for 14 Days: Perhaps the best news is that you can store the coffee for up to two weeks and it will still remain fresh.

Of course, this type of brewing is also better and cheaper than you can find in a coffee house, so it’s little wonder that more people are experimenting with it. However, the one drawback is that unlike that cup of espresso that is done quickly, cold brewing takes up to 12 hours to complete. So, it is best if you make it in the evening and let it sit overnight.

How to Make It

In order to cold brew the coffee without a French Press for your next coffee break, all you’ll need is the following;

Large Jar or Pitcher
Coffee Filter
Mesh Strainer or Colander
1 ½ Cups of Water
1/3 Cup of Coffee
Be sure the coffee is coarsely ground and you’ll have one cup of concentrate when the process is completed. To make more, simply multiply the amount of water and coffee.

Coarse Grind the Coffee: To make cold brewing work you will need to coarse grind the coffee until it reaches the size of fine gravel. Of course, this is the setting for a French Press and you can have that done if you wish on your machine or at the coffee shop. However, it is possible to grind the beans in a manner that gets the same result as what a French Press can deliver.

Pour Water: Put the coffee grounds into a large jar or container that can be sealed and add the cold water. Be sure to soak all the grounds. You’ll want to use the measurements and adjust them to the size of the container so that you can get the best results.

Stir: Use a long wooden spoon or perhaps a single chopstick and stir the wet grounds. Be sure to use wood or plastic since a metal spoon may alter the taste. Be sure everything is stirred thoroughly which should only take a minute or two at most.

Cover and Sit: Just cover the jar or container and let it sit for 12 to 18 hours. You will not need to stir it anymore.

Strain: Once it has sat long enough, it is time to strain it. Use a coffee filter that is secured by a mesh strainer and then pour the contents into another container like a bowl. The coffee filter will take away all the grounds and you’ll be left with pure coffee taste. You can even use a French Press if you have one, but the coffee filter is more than enough. If you can, let it sit over the bowl

At this point, you can take the new contents of the bowl and transfer that to another jar or you can simply wash out the first one and put the strained coffee back inside that. Seal the jar and store it in the fridge where it will keep for up to two weeks.


You can serve immediately after straining, but remember that you have made “concentrate” which means that there will need to be some dilution. While some recommend a 50/50 split with water, that may be way too much. Instead, try pouring the concentrate over ice which provides some water for dilution purposes. Another method is two parts concentrate and one-part water.

You can also add milk instead of water which will dilute the concentrate and a little sugar will help sweeten the coffee naturally. Of course, you’ll want to try the cold brew diluted with just water or ice to see just how smooth and tasty it is. Remember, the color of the coffee is not an indication of it strength. The color of coffee has to do more with the roasting of the coffee bean so do not be fooled.

When it comes to how to make coffee, particularly cold brewed coffee, it is very important to use the flavors and brands that you enjoy the most. Just like hot coffee, the cheapest ones are generally the worst, so you’ll want to choose the type of coffee bean from your favorite coffee shop for the best flavor. Plus, you can make as much as you want and it will last for up to two weeks.

You will need a little lead time and you’ll need space in your refrigerator, but the end results are well worth it as you can make delicious ice coffee brewed without a French Press. Plus, you can make it without having to use any expensive or fancy equipment. If you have a jar, filter, strainer, coffee, water, and a place to refrigerate the results, you can enjoy one coffee break after another complete with this delicious icy brew.

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