Coffee Instead of Tea

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We have our tea, we should not lose our minds. Do you know why? The tea you drink while giving peace of mind is the support that actually connects us to life. Your thoughts, I'm sure it won't be bad, but what we encounter in life may not always be good. Well, why are the wicked when the good are accepted?


We think it's a bad thing. On the contrary, it reminds us of something, perhaps to us. If we appreciate every breath we can think of the goodness and the badness that we face.

Remember the time we ran to the window when it rained, to see the seven colors in the rainbow. And that's what life is like, you're opening your eyes to white.

As the days in the calendar, the color of the white is the same as the rainbow. Why do we not like gray when all the colors are happy? Let's choose to be positive rather than differentiate goodness from evil. Being positive is linked to keeping the heart fresh.


Put yourself a cup of tea, look at your hand and your background music, which you believe will increase your energy in the back, look, their peace of mind is priceless. Think again of the events that you see as a problem, but as a positive. I wish all of you refreshments.

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