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If you love coffee, you need to try a cup of 100% Kona coffee!


Kona, is an extremely fertile area in Hawaii, that is said to have the best micro climate in the World for growing coffee.
That is why regular size bags of Kona can go for $50+!

Some Kona blends will have 10% Kona, and even with a small amount, you can taste the quality in the coffee. A full 100% cup is just unbelievably amazing! An absolute treat!!

Is Kona your favorite as well?

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I'd like to find some of this for the morning

Look online, but make sure it is grown in Kona Valley.

Looks delicious! I'll be sure to try some

This looks good. How often do you drink this kind of coffee?

I drink the kind with 10% kona in it, which you can find in the grocery stores for comparable prices.

Ahhhh It is the BEST!!!!

yummmmm - i love kona coffee

So good!

I was fortunate to pick organic coffee in my 20's when I lived in Napoopoo Bay, south of Kona, super sweet and lush area, I have dreams of that place, we stayed in a jungle shack and it had a vibraphone instrument, we'd play every chance we could and giant birds would come and hang out and echo... go Kona coffee!! Please only buy Organic, the island and reefs suffer from the toxic pesticides used on the plantations.

Well its seem delicious i wish i could taste it @espressoshot