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Nothing tastes better than a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee. So it only makes sense that we should have non-fungible tokens for our Espressos, Cappuccinos, Americanos and Macchiatos. With the Vault wallet, you can redeem NFTs for real cups of joe.

During the NFT.NYC conference, we ran into John Egan, CEO of - a secure crypto wallet and dApp discovery platform. At the event, John was showing off some of the more exotic features of the Vault wallet. This included a live demo where anyone could redeem an NFT for an automatic cup of coffee. Here's a shot of the process below, which you can watch in full right here.

Easy As Pi

The NFT activated a fresh brew instantaneously by way of a Raspberry Pi mounted atop the coffee maker. It was an exciting example to see showcased live, and one that pushed beyond the sense of NFTs as tokens you can simply collect. Egan emphasized the utility of NFTs as a new wave of engagement that could empower a new kind of bridge from digital to physical. Keep an eye out for what these tokens serve up in 2019.

Make sure to explore the Vault wallet and stay tuned for the upcoming Public Beta.

Project: Vault

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That looks pretty cool! I'mm super excited for more and more applications to begin using non-fungible tokens for stuff like this.

Wow that’s cool (: I just downloaded Vault to check the app out! Looks like it only supports ETH at the moment, did they happen to say if they plan on expanding it to other blockchains also?

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Highly rEsteemed!

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Very cool! blockchain in coffee makers 👍😎

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