I'm roasting every day bro - Black and White Photo Challenge Day 5

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I was very Kindly nominated for this challenge by @thethreehugs , this is day 5 and I'm going to ignore the no explanation rule as usual. It's been a busy week clearing all my orders before the Christmas break, roasting coffee day in and day out it's been

Green in, brown out - seems easy right? But like baking a cake timing and temperature is essential - too quick and we don't develop the flavours of the coffee - too slow and it bakes developing unwanted flavours and loosing the best. So it's a delicate balance.

So when I roast it is all about getting the roast to work right, when I drop the coffee in to roast it reduces the temperature of the drum - to counteract this I have the gas flame high giving more heat and the airflow out of the drum closed down - the aim being to reduce the turn around temperature - this is how low the drum drops to before the coffee stops cooling the drum and starts getting hot instead. When I reach turn around, so the drum starts heating up again - I reduce the flame and start to open the air flow. This will stretch out the roast - a high flame all the way through would roast the coffee too quickly and it would not develop the flavours - depending on the coffee load and also the origin of coffee will dictate the flame height to give - every coffee origin needs a different flame height and lower weight of coffee (it's a 5kg roaster so that is the normal load) will need less flame to roast. While I log all the data to make it repeatable, the more you roast the more you just "feel" what you are doing with each origin - it's why people say that it can take ten's of years to learn to roast coffee well.

The Challenge:

7 black & white images that represent an aspect of your life.
Present one image every day for 7 days.
No people.
No explanation.
Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in.
Use the tag #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your five tags.

Today I nominate @mokh-tar who consistently works hard at his blog posts and I am sure is more then capable of handling this challenge.

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This is your company of coffee ?

Thanks for the looking and leaving a comment, it is my business.

Like the picture, and also the beans flowing into the roaster - very clever.

Thanks, it was tricky holding the camera up on the bean hopper to capture it - but it worked quite well I think.

Thank you for your nomination and I will try my best to be as you think @c0ff33a

I am sure you will do very well at it, thank you for taking a look and leaving a comment.

That machinery just looks cool. :D

Ironically, it gets very hot while I'm roasting!

I like those light rays and the gleaming metal!

Both roasters have an inspection light - it is used so when I take a sample to check the roast colour I have consistent lighting for checking the colour.

Thanks for the wonderful participation
In this challenge

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good post thank you

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For the picture it is very wonderful
The video is not talkative, you have a special way of making coffee
Thank you for sharing this work with us
i resstemed

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Great one.

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Very intresting & great bwphoto my dear friend

Thanks for always taking a look at my posts and leaving a comment.

Nice one @c0ff33a)

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I like your post dear @c0ff33a, i will resteem it,
Happy day

So this is how you roast the coffee! Hmmm this very interesting! Thanks so much for this great and informative post!

Let get the coffee roasted. This is awesome

hahah, I can not start my day without coffee

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I really despise accounts that demand money for upvotes...

always your publications is good

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How much this machinery cost? and do you sell it?

The 5kg Coffee Roaster is £13,000 GBP - yes I import them to the UK from Turkey.

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행복한 하루 되시길바랍니당~~

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Awesome my friend

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I'm reading this while sipping a cup of coffee.

what a sight i really enjoy the feelings
here is my last day post if you wish you can check
thanks @c0ff33a

we love coffee thanks for share

A very wonderful picture I liked a lot @c0ff33a

Hey...i'm coffee lover i always wonder how i can roast my coffee bean in small scale .. do you have any tips?