Come Drink Coffee Aceh

in coffee •  11 months ago

For Acehnese, coffee is a source of inspiration, the people of Aceh are very attached to the culture of drinking coffee, it is proven because in Aceh are many places to eat that provide coffee. Aceh's specialty coffee has also been exported to several international markets.


Foto by @bukharisulaiman


Foto by@bukharisulaiman

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@bukharisulaiman..that mangat kupi dro neh..daerah teh nyan nejeb kupi..lon lepah galak kupi espreso..pajan jeut tajeb dua teuh kupinyan..trep ka hana mejeb espreso..metap tap abah teh ta kalen kupinyan..lon paleng hawa kupi bireun..


Nyoe di daerah Lhokseumawe Miky, neulangkah laju kenoe neulangkah laju.

Kopi Aceh sangat nikmat. apupun yang ingin di kerjakan ngopi dulu biar press @bukharisulaiman

Kopi aceh memang sangat enak, apalagi menikmati kopi sambil merokok.