Baby Arabica Coffee

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New coffee production to replace the old.

These baby Arabicas are grown in organic soil and contribute to about a 5% crop rotation every growing season. Old plants that struggle to produce or plants that have been damaged by disease or weather are swapped out for new ones. It usually takes at least five years for a new coffee plant to begin producing quality coffee cherries in the Tarrazú region of these Costa Rican mountains.

Each one of these organic potted plants cost between $1 - $2 in the local currency and a moderate-sized farm can easily require 50 - 100 new plants every growing season. The production life of a coffee plant in this region can last for 20 - 50 years.


Are there any farmers out there who have similar crops, life cycles, and methods? Feel free to share with us!


Hello Friend! I really like coffee. By the way, by the way, my picture on this subject!
Coffee is my friend ☕

I would have drunk a good invigorating coffee right now.

Newly bought a coffee farm, I am Venezuelan, The plants are 2 years old, I did not know that the plants lasted that time, excellent post, thanks for the information .

Are you still living in Venezuela? How are things there?

If I continue in the country, there is a lot of uncertainty in all aspects, we hope and solve soon, greetings!

You live in Venezuela? Sorry about your socialism, dude.

If I live in Venezuela, my friend

It's unfortunate to see what has happened to Venezuela in recent years. Good luck to you!

Yes, very unfortunate, but we have faith that everything will be well friend, we trust GOD

Love this article! Coffee is one of my all time favorite pleasures in life. Would be so cool to be able to grow your own coffee. Upvoted and following.

Thanks for posting info about this plant, and the picture as well, I became a coffee maniac, I can't say my day has passed without a cup of coffee, and it's really amazing to learn about it

The best production is usually between the plant's age of 10 - 20 years, but they can continue producing for a long time and even live to 100 years or so.

Certainly takes awhile to get a solid crop but then it can pay off for a long time after that.

Arabica coffee is a natural resource and so I am so glad to see new methods and beautiful crops

I've heard some say that coffee would grow in Texas. This is a crop that I would love to try out someday.

I just read that this kind of coffee plant needs to be at an altitude of at least 1800 feet above sea level. Will it fruit at lower levels?

It might. But you really need to have good conditions: soil, temperature, precipitation, altitude, sun/shade, etc.

And you also need to properly prune, fertilize, and pollinate.

There may be places in Texas or California where coffee could grow or even fruit (although I doubt that Texas has any good locations for this), but again, the quality of the bean would likely be very low.

It might grow. The question is whether or not the coffee would be drinkable. It most likely would not be.

There are some people trying to bring it to California, but I'm not convinced that they will get anything of good quality there either.

So delicious!!!! Arabica coffee shake is the best taste!!!😍

@bloggingforbeans Beautiful post! Coffee is such an important trade, so thank you for bringing awareness to it. Please keep going :) Namaste

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