start the day with a cup of coffee ...

in coffe •  10 months ago


coffee is so attached to the aceh people to start the day with a mouthful of dense coffee and a piece of cake ...


and many aceh communities mentioned that sanya drinking coffee can make people away from boredom or can make the mind more calm in overcoming all problems in other words drinking coffee can let not crazy JEUP KUPI NYAK BEK PUNGOE Aceh language. red*


Best Regards @soegat

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This post is really nice and very useful...continue your good work and please follow me I will follow you back...👷...💲...This small step create a big community🚩 for you and for me...i think you understand...Thanks brother...👍


Where are you come from? Brother

Memang paling mantap minum kopi ditambah dengan gorengan.

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