Coffee: What is the healthiest?

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Every day in the world, people drink over three billion cups of coffee. In Poland, about one and a half cup of coffee is for one person. This is relatively small, although it is worth paying attention to the fact that not everyone drinks coffee regularly. Doctors from time to time recommend to drink even a cup, because it is a drink with many health-promoting properties. However, coffee is uneven, especially today, when we encounter its various types on the market, and some heavily processed. Which one, then, choose? We take a closer look at popular brands and types of coffees.


  • Why is coffee worth drinking?
    Let's start with why you should drink coffee. It turns out that it is a highly valued raw material in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. In many studies it has been proven that it inhibits the development of diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes, improves memory and concentration, increases the production of serotonin in the brain, and accelerates fat burning. It is worth drinking regularly, but in moderate amounts. And which coffee to drink best? Let's look at species and types of coffee.
    Coffee grades

The most popular types of coffee are robusta and arabica. They occur separately or together as a mixture. Let's check how they differ.

  • Robusta
    Robusta has a sharper and bitter taste than arabica. It also contains more caffeine. We find there a lot of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from the body, protecting us from the most serious diseases. It is considered a very healthy coffee, but the taste of the original robusta can be too sharp for many people. Still, this coffee is definitely worth drinking.

  • arabica
    Arabica is very exquisite in taste and delicate. There is not much caffeine in it. In the world, it is grown in 20 varieties. It has health-promoting properties, but not as strong as robusta. Arabica is very demanding in cultivation, which is why it belongs to more expensive coffees.

Due to the high nutritional value of robusta and the exquisite taste of Arabica, it is best to drink these coffees in the form of a mixture. Coffee will be more delicate in taste thanks to arabica and still very healthy due to the presence of robusta.

Types of coffee
On the market today we will meet coffee beans, ground coffee and instant coffee. Their choice is usually dictated by personal taste. However, these coffees differ not only in taste and brewing method. What else?

  • Coffee beans
    Grain coffee is definitely the tastiest and healthiest type of coffee. Freshly ground impresses with its strong aroma and expressive taste. In addition, we find the most nutritional value in freshly ground coffee. Their type and amount depend on the power of smoking. It is best to grind coffee beans just before brewing and drink it regularly.

  • Coffee powder
    Ground coffee is nothing but ground coffee beans. Packaged ground coffee usually retains its aroma and aroma, but it is still incomparable to freshly ground beans. Make the ground coffee in a teapot or a pressure coffee machine. We will then get the full essence of coffee and more nutritional value.

  • Instant coffee
    Food specialists point out that instant coffee does not contain one hundred percent of coffee, so it's hard to call it real coffee. Its advantage is a quick preparation process, but its taste is not convincing. It is clearly unnatural. Soluble coffee arises in the process of freeze-drying natural coffee. It then takes the form of powder or crystals. It is easy to store and for a long time retains a strong, but still unnatural taste. If we are to drink it, then only in situations when we are forced to do so.

It is worth knowing that the taste and properties of coffee are influenced by the brewing process. For sure, the best taste will be freshly ground coffee brewed in a pressure espresso machine. In this drink we will also find the most nutritional value. The soluble coffee is definitely the least healthy. You should drink regular coffee regularly. Our health will benefit.

What kind of coffee do you like?


i wish i liked the taste of coffee as i need something to keep me awake that is better than energy drinks lol

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