Learning How To Code

in coding •  last year

So recently, I've become fascinated with learning how to code. It seems like a valuable thing, especially with the rise of technology and tech development being a big industry and what not.

My first goal was to create a website. but to do this, I needed to understand tags and tag pairs and whitespace and how this all affects format, along with the basic html tags for different formats or headings etc. But now I am at a end point. I know the most basic component to coding and creating this website, but I don't know anything further.

My goal is not to become some hacker or somebody who can code for anything major, but I do want to know what I'm doing and how to do it without being an expert. I know a lot of people here have a lot of experience with type of stuff such as @jesta @bennierex @blockbrothers etc etc.

Like I said, coding is a worthwhile skill and like to understand things and how they work. this is a fascinating thing to me and I would love to learn more. So I am asking if any body knows a way to learn coding for beginners. Sure, I can use google, but I would like to find out more from someone I can talk to directly and have direct contact with someone when I have questions (sort of like a mentor).

I get the time and effort to help someone isn't always there, but I'm coming here to Steemit for the aspect of community I see here and the idea of being together and finding people with common interests to engage with.

This is my first attempt to reach out to other Steemians through a post, so please provide me with some feedback, I would appreciate it a lot. Don't forget to Resteem and upvote to show your support

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