Programming language to learn this year...

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You can learn any language for free on YouTube. There are many channels like freeCodeCamp. If you can pay little cash then Udemy is a great place to learn too. Now coming to the programming languages you should learn:

Python: In my opinion,It is preferred by many of its dynamic, object-oriented, procedural, flexible and functional programming styles. This is probably the most important language nowadays. This language is extremely popular and quite easy to learn.

Swift- Swift has been designed by some of the brightest minds at Apple and they have made sure that the language is easy to learn even by absolute beginners.

Java-This language is the most popular language (along with C). Most neophytes start with this language and then continue with Python, R etc.

C-Another popular language, I think this language is the easiest to learn and also immensely popular. Depending on sources, either Java or C are most important and popular languages to learn.

HTML-HyperText Markup Language is a tagged scripting language that is best interpreted by web browsers. It now has a rich set of built-on features, controls and functions that enable a wide assortment of useful behaviors for user interactions with web documents.Very important language to learn if you want to build static and dynamic web pages with CSS.

Its an ubiquitous language that can be used everywhere, especially in the world of the web browser. Now this is used to create responsive, interactive elements for web pages and has many other functions too.

R is a programming language and free programming condition for factual registering and illustrations upheld by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

The R language is language utilize by data analysts and information for creating information investigation.Many people end up using R inside an IDE as a high-powered scratchpad for playing with data.
R Studio and R Commander are two popular front ends that let you load up your data and play with it. They make it less of a compile-and-run language and more of an interactive world in which to do your work.

Programming is sweet... Thanks for visiting my little blog.


hope you learn many new languages this year

I am so glad you visited my blog..... I have interest in html csss and JavaScript....

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