ANN - Re Launch of STEEM AUTO

After @mahdiyari abandon steemauto and moved his services over to hive , many communities were hurt as they relied to the automated curation trail they have been using . Me and My team finally were able to assemble the (what was left code) in the github to re-create STEEMAUTO . Please bookmark and you can enjoy those features again .

This was a messy job to finish and has hampered the launch of our exclusive project OPENMARKT , however we are one again focused back on working on it and need more time for launch . This is a hard re-assembly of the original creators git so bugs are expected and it also needs a cleanup (which i am gonna do tomorrow ) . For Furter more details you can join our discord .

We are dedicated to meet any requiremnt steem and its community would have .

Vote for our witness and suppot our initiative .

i would call any developers on steem , working on any projects to use #codeonsteem so we can gather together and non of you get missed .

i would like also like to give a shout out to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 to feature this post in their blog , (it helps to get a broader audience )

Signing off


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It's great news.
I don't understand something: It says posting key, then, I can't enter without the active key:


Why? I thought voting was posting.


This is wrong:
"Everything could be done without your active key. Giving them your active key means they can transfer your steem."

You necessarily need the active key to change authorities (add or remove) of an account. This is at blockchain level and there is no other way to change account authorities. And there is no other way to use a service like steemauto except giving your posting key directly to an app, which is not recommended. Of course you can use any other method to authorize an app "with your active key" without using steemlogin. You can do that with any steem library or Keychain if you are not feeling secure with steemlogin.

As @futureshock and so steemlogin, we take seriously security issues with steem users accounts. When you use steemlogin we can potentially access to your keys that's right and that was always an issue with steemconnect but we never do/did this, we don't store any keys more than needed and will never do it. Remember also this, when you use steemlogin on any app, this app doesn't see your keys but only receive an oauth token.

FYI we are not related to steemauto or any other team. We are offering this service for free and only to make things easier for dapps developers. We are publicly known people (you can even find our address on the web) and would never dare to hurt/rob anyone, in our eyes respect and trust are much more important than money.

Best regards,

There is no active posting key. It can be rather private posting key or private active key. And yes both have different uses.
Voting/posting use private posting key, and other things like transfer or changing account autorithy require private active key. There are also other keys like the private memo key which permit to decode memo encoded with your public memo key etc.. .

In this case, you are not willing to give any key but just give the authority for an app to post for you. The other possibilities would be:

  • the app ask your posting key and store it (this is less secure then steemlogin which has been tested for nearly 4 years now)
  • the app ask your posting key with steemlogin and store the received token and can reuse it. The issue with this solution is the following one, steemlogin tokens have an expiration time like all web tokens, so after a week this particular token become unusable and you would need to login again to the app to obtain a new token... Which removes all interest in using a service like steemauto.
    So in order to do that you are using your private active key to give posting authority to the app. Which means this app can post/vote for you whenever he need/want and that until you revoke the posting authority, again using your private active key.

Well I'm sorry for you but I guess you just fell in with the wrong crowd as we all already did at least once.

Hopefully other witnesses will come to confirm all what I said there.

Best regards,

Thank you for this comment @futureshock

However ... correct me if I'm wrong, but it seem that original steemauto never required active key. And this is main reason why some users are hestitant and seriously worried to use "steem login" and new steemauto.

How could they (original steemauto) achieve it? Any idea?

Yours, Piotr

It's me again...

FYI we are not related to steemauto or any other team. We are offering this service for free and only to make things easier for dapps developers. We are publicly known people (you can even find our address on the web) and would never dare to hurt/rob anyone, in our eyes respect and trust are much more important than money.

can you share your website address?

Dear @btcmillennial

I had a pleasure to talk to steem-supporter few times (even in real life) and my impression is, that this is very hard-working developer with solid skills and very honest.

I hardly doubt that he is block.token/Aceh.point.

At the same time this re-created steemauto is using "steem login" to sign in. And this steem-login has as little to do with steemauto as steemconnect had to do with this tool in the past.

That's just to clarify, that Steem-supporter isn't in my opinion having any bad intentions. However, at the same time I'm not sure who is behind "steem login" and it also worries me that it require active key.

Yours, Piotr

I think Futureshock relaunched steemlogin!

Authorization of an app to do transactions requires active key. No keys are transmitted to internet, steemconnect storage them in your computer system, steemlogin don't storage nothing so it asks for keys every time.

oh i completely missed this,
Let me explain you

WE as the application needs to upvote , post and claim rewards on your behalf. so we need you to give us your posting authority that allows us to do all those operation , but in the blockchain level if you want to authorize any app or revoke authorization the app you need to sign a transaction which requires your active key . This does not means that we have your private key access . We have your posting authority on the blockchain level that is provided to us by steemlogin which is a frontend that makes it easier fo us and you to sing any type of transaction on the chain .
Steemlogin will no way save your keys nor we will

and yes i am not #block.token or @aceh.point

thanks @futureshock for your wonderfull reply

i just requested posting scope , so basically its the signer who asks for you active key . but i dont think you would want to get explained .

You need the active key to authorize the application, and the posting for the app to vote on your behalf.

hi @leveuf

I wonder if previous steemauto also required active key to authorize the app?

Some people say that it didnt.

Yes it did, you need to authorize the application, this requires active key! The key was managed by steemconnect (which storage posting and active keys in your computer and you can manage by your own set password), now is managed by steemlogin (No storage any key). Posting key is to cast the votes. As authorization is one time, you weren't asked again for it, but posting was to log in every time needed.

You can also add or remove authorities of your account from SteemWorld with the tool Steem Auths.

Maybe it's a bug on the platform. I logged in using the private active key and succeeded.

You're welcome.

Thank you very much @steem-supporter for your efforts to help us here.

Fix bugs, some users have status "DISABLED".

A very much needed tool!! Thanks for the contribution to many projects and the curation efforts!!
Best winds for your developments and tools!!

Absolutely awesome, have been waiting for this for a long time now (at least it feels that way)!

Excellent work, congratulations and many successes

Thank you for this very useful tool.
Is there a fee for the fanbase? How much it is?

there is no fees for using steemauto
but you can always donate us

Very nice!

This is an amazing job for the community, thanks for making it happen again. #SteemIsTalent

Amazing job to have steemauto back on track. This is such an important tool for users. You got all my witness votes for doing something really useful for the community.

thanks ,, and cheers that we can use automated curation back agin , more features will be avilable soon

This is great news! Thank you for relive steemauto on steem. We need this service as a helper. We will still do manual curation as our main task. Thanks again to your team. Steem on!

thanks .. and steem on

Thanks @steem-supporter for service enable.
I checked and found that it is some old version of steemauto. It will be better if you incorporate the post upvote wait time in seconds for upvote in 'Fanbase' as this feature was available in last version.

Cool !
Thank you very much !
100% upvote + witness-vote added !

Great! Thank you!

How does steemauto work, pay to use the service?

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good stuff well done :)

It's great! Thank you.

Change its name and don't use our name.

This project is not in any way linked to @steemauto

why should i change the name ,, this has never been trademarked , plus the entire blockchain you guys are praising is a trademark theft as well .. you have abandoned this , so stay out of it

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