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Code of Talent brings together employers, advertisers, sponsors and premium content owners to create a sustainable ecosystem and cryptocurrency economy, while simultaneously implementing a micro-revolution in education.

The project is designed for teachers who provide micro-learning in classrooms or extra-curricular activities, allowing people from all over the world to join, contribute and learn from others. The project reveals the concept of "wisdom of many" to promote bright ideas and useful knowledge.

The problem of today's education

For more than 100 years, the education system has remained unchanged. The same "surface-to-surface" approach, which has limited access to education for many people and has not been able to fulfil its task properly. E-learning has failed due to the lack of key factors such as effective interaction, content personalization and lack of human interaction.

* Class is boring. Education is boring and lacks interactivity and elation. This leads to the separation of students.
* Good teachers are not available. Billions of people do not have access to education at all, or the quality of education available is poor, or people cannot afford such spending.
* People are not motivated to learn. Despite the fact that the Internet is abundant with free learning opportunities, people do not feel interest in learning.
* Fragmentation of theory and practice. Education does not focus on the right practical skills, leaving many people alone with impractical theoretical knowledge.

Problem solution

The micro-learning solution prepared by this project is based on blockchain technology and has the ability to create motivation and a sense of achievement for the student. All courses on the platform can be built on a simple micro-learning system, covering the best methods of interaction and play. Daily 10-minute training sessions and sessions of direct communication with the teacher will be held in groups with a maximum number of participants – 40 people.

Application with minimal functionality from Code of Talent

Code of Talent is a working product that has undergone a comprehensive research and development process in order to achieve the highest standards in the field of micro training and individual education of users, as well as extraordinary levels of interaction and play.

The product was developed in cooperation with Ascendis, one of the leading companies in the field of education and training in Central and Eastern Europe and Co-Factor, which is a well-deserved expert in the field of digital interaction.

Using micro training, the project is seeing significant improvements over traditional methodology in terms of efficiency, duration of training and training, and is proud to have Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Piraeus Bank, Societe Generale BRD and JTI among its first paid clients.

Code of Talent Token

* Equal opportunity. The code of Talent project token – CODE – will be available for purchase by the community. -All unsold code tokens will be void.
* Openness. The code of Talent project token – CODE – will be registered on the exchanges, giving everyone the opportunity to use the Code of Talent platform, even if they missed the token generation event.
* 100% compliance with the law. The code of Talent project token – CODE – is a practical token vital for the platform ecosystem and its functionality. Code meets legal requirements 100%. Residents of China, Singapore and the United States are not allowed to register for the sale, order or purchase of code of Talent (CODE) tokens.

The main features of the Code of Talent

* Token reward system. A reward system for success for both students and teachers; the Platform uses a pool to distribute rewards on a regular basis.

* The mechanism of microtraining. Experimental system of microtraining. 10 minutes of daily training sessions. Direct communication of the teacher with students. Groups of 40, tops.

* Personnel selection. The recruitment feature is designed for companies looking to access emerging talent, with a focus on skills, and access to the pool. Companies will be able to define criteria, explore the platform, receive a student achievement report, and request contact details for hiring.

* Advertising function. Companies are interested in promoting their brand as an employer and increasing their overall brand awareness.

* Sponsorship. The sponsorship function is intended for individuals and companies who wish to support talent worldwide.

* Premium content. Teachers are awarded the status of a premium teacher based on their overall performance. Premium teachers can charge for their courses and can create their own network.

* Personal trainer. Teachers with the status of "Premium" certify the best students as" personal trainers " for individual courses. Personal trainers participate in direct communication with students, answering their questions and advising.

* Pay course. Access to premium courses of high quality is provided only on the basis of payment tokens, in the amount established by the teacher of premium status.








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A promising idea and an easy way to earn money

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It is interesting to see whether to bring this platform to the world level if so, it will be a sensation!

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A promising idea and an easy way to earn money

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I have not seen such projects before. Interesting idea.

It is interesting to see whether to bring this platform to the world level if so, it will be a sensation!

I have not seen such projects before. Interesting idea.

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