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Hello folks, today we are excited to introduce a visionary and promising project that aims to resolve current issues in education. Based on their valuable experience and comprehensive market research, Code of Talent team members have decided to create a micro-learning platform powered by the blockchain technology. Ascendis, the company behind the project, has over 20 years professional training and education experience in the European market offering sophisticated learning programs with the superior education techniques. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the education, Code of Talent has decided to create a micro-learning platform powered by the blockchain technology to provide motivational, gamified and interactive education platform for the learners. A few months ago, Code of Talent had completed the final features of the platform, and precious businesses like AstraZeneca, Piraeus Bank, Societe Generate, JTI, and Pfizer have become the customers with the help of the significant partner Co-factor.     

Fundamentally, Code of Talent team realizes and recognizes several issues in the education industry across the globe based on their observation and research. Code of Talent detects that the significant number of people are not able to get access to the modern educational environment and innovative teachers, and they have to rely on ineffective and insufficient traditional classroom education and free learning platform on the Internet suffering from the lack of motivation. Moreover, the problems regarding personalization, interaction, and engagement in the e-learning sector result in weak, unproductive and abortive outcomes. At this point, Code of Talent has built a revolutionary micro-learning platform based on the blockchain technology. Thanks to the excellent methodology of the platform, participants will enjoy highly motivational educational environment because they will get rewards with their progress joining short daily learning meetings. Besides, they will be able to enjoy direct interaction with their experienced and innovative teachers supported by the prize based system. Therefore, both learners and teachers will be able to earn tokens based on their efforts, level of interaction and the quality of the contents. To provide the best and the most valuable materials, Code of Talent creates robust education ecosystem engaging with employers, sponsors, advertisers and content providers, so all types of parties in the sector will come together and enjoy the fruitful features of the Code of Talent education ecosystem.     



Code of Talent aims to finalize the platform with full adoption of the blockchain technology, so the platform will attract all the parties and will be ready for the global adoption. Thus, the platform will offer micro-learning sessions and high-quality content ensuring the data protection, and constant and continuous learning. To provide up to date and innovative educational opportunity for the students, recent graduates, employees, and businesses the platform will be dynamic and open to adoption of the latest trends and needs. According to the Code of Talent team members, education is in the center of the development of the people all around the world, so it has to be attractive and motivational for the all the actors in the sector, and education must follow the latest needs and technologies offering high-quality content. Based on this worldview, Code of Talent provides the blockchain powered micro-learning platform that guarantees equal opportunity for all and presents gamified, personalized, motivational and learner-centered learning methodology promoting the self-curated system to ensure the quality. Therefore, Code of Talent will accelerate the technological adaptation process and resolve the current problems of the traditional classroom teaching and existing online learning sectors transforming them.     

Code of Talent has a high potential to change the lives of billions of people all around the world thanks to the revolutionary changes in the education sector. All the learners will be able to get access to education via all types of devices joining the fantastic journey of learning and enjoying the highly motivational micro learning system. They will try to level up and complete various missions while learning and enjoying the gamification feature, and they will provide valuable personalized support and feedback all the time. Moreover, they will enjoy the community space and messaging features that will increase their motivation ensuring the interaction and engagement. Furthermore, teachers will also take advantage of several elements of the platform such as user-friendly configuration interface, excellent themes, various types of missions, and video streaming. Also, they will be able to recognize and evaluate the learning processes of each participant. Along with all the fantastic features of the platform, participants will also enjoy the record of interaction levels of the participants, learning history, multi-language competence, high security and data protection as well as scalability. Code of Talent will resolve the existing issues in the education industry and revolutionize the education landscape offering an exceptional micro-learning platform based on the blockchain technology.   

Token Sale  

Code of Talent offers ERC20 compatible CODE utility tokens at the moment, and CODE will be used within the platform to pay for services and fees; also participants will enjoy the rewards based on their activity receiving CODE tokens. Join the token sale and be part of the education revolution!  Visit: https://codeoftalent.io/  

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