CODEO is built using a very secure and decentralized, peer-to-peer technology.

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If there is a technology that has been making headlines for quite a while now, it is blockchain alongside cryptocurrencies. Ever since the creation of bitcoin, I have been a devoted enthusiast and have managed to incorporate cryptos in entirely all my payment processes. The crypto market has continued to grow over time and is currently being valued at more than 10 million transactions daily with exchanges totalling to 20745 with as many as 4000 tokens.

This gradual growth has managed to attract not only my trust but that of other crypto traders because, at the end of the day, no one wants to be left behind by this revolutionary wave of development. I have the confidence to state that according to the time that I have invested in research on the crypto market, in a few years to come cryptos and blockchain technology are going to achieve mass adoption.

Challenges in The Industry.

Cryptocurrencies, in as much as they are taking over the payment industry, are also being faced by a couple of problems which are mostly observed in the original crypto which is bitcoin. One of the most common problems which is plaguing bitcoin would be that where the comparison between demand and supply are not directly proportional. This is due to the number and mining process that is getting more difficult making bitcoin to be considered as being a digital asset only normally equated with a costly diamond or gold while the coin should be considered as a transaction tool or payment instrument.

Another challenge is that of fraudulent crypto developers who are normally after extorting the masses of their funds by developing scam tokens to raise funds. I have been a victim of cybercriminals one too many times which is why I have been doing my research to invest in legit tokens which can generate me profit. Is issue of insecurity in the crypto space has been adamant for a long time which is making people hesitant about investing in this new digital currency, unless something is done urgently?

The Codeo Token.

In search of online security, while venturing into the crypto space, I have come across an innovative new token which could potentially eliminate the potentially eliminate the threat of insecurity once and for all. Codeo token is going to be a payment instrument which is going to utilise ERC 20 technology. The token is going to be supported by Nodes Network with Ethereum blockchain to also offer mutual support and completion of the ecosystem.

The Codeo token project is going to work hand in hand with a company based in Singapore, Five Angels Investment Holding Pte.Ltd Company. The price of the Codeo token is going to be a stable one whereby one token is going to be worth 1 dollar which I will be able to purchase from the company mentioned above. The fixed price is going to be very convenient for my trading venture since will not have to be worried about abrupt fluctuations which in most cases lead to losses.


I am very excited to become a part of the Codeo Token ecosystem and enjoy numerous other benefits such as a 2% interest rate that I will receive on the 7th of June every single year.

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