Archidax + CODEO to revolutionise crypto trading as we know it

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Archidax is going to be a crypto exchange that is going to revolutionise crypto trading as we know it by solving numerous challenges which are currently plaguing the majority of crypto exchanges. This article is going to be entirely on the benefits that Archidax exchange has to offer the crypto space.

Scalability and transaction speed.

Majority of recent crypto exchanges are created by unqualified individuals who tend to use simple approaches. Such systems tend to operate well for the first few months, but as time goes by, the negative effects start to manifest. As the traffic of transactions by traders continues to increase, the systems take longer to process them, and this leads to delays which cause traders to withdraw from such exchanges.

Archidax exchange is, however, going to have a team of professionals behind its creation who are qualified in the relevant fields of banking and finance. This is going to make it the ultimate crypto exchange to revolutionise crypto trading as we know it.

Security and system defence.

The main objective of Archidax is going to be ensuring that traders have the security that they deserve while carrying out various transactions because the issue of insecurity has long been plaguing the crypto space. The Archidax exchange system is going to built using a top standard security system and as further guarantee of trading securely on the exchange, it is going to undergo thorough auditing and testing by experts.


Archidax is going to integrate an innovative feature which will allow a trader to transact various exchanges of world standard traditional currencies which are going to include the USD,GBP,JPY,CNY,EURO,AUD,SGD,IDR with crypto coins such as CODEO,BTC,ETH and LTC.On the Archidax exchange, a trader will be able to carry out various activities such as withdrawing and completing their exchanges up to their local bank accounts. There is going to be so much convenience and seamlessness which is what every crypto trader deserves.

Customer service.

Customer satisfaction is a very crucial thing and a big contributor to the success of any business.Unfortunately,on majority of exchanges today, the response from customer care agents is usually slow, and sometimes one gets none which is very devastating.Some customer service desk agents are also extremely rude when asked for assistance which makes exchanges lose customers.

Archidax exchange is, however, going to prioritise customer satisfaction by adopting Artificial Intelligence technology. Artificial Intelligence is known to greatly improve and maximise customer service function because it is far more accurate and competent compared to manual service. Your inquiries and complaints on anything are going to reply to in an accurate and timely manner as well as the needs of traders and investors on the exchange.

Features and services on the Archidax exchange.

According is to offer a couple of features which are going to increase the trust of all participants as well as accelerate the value of transaction and trade on the exchange. These features include token/coin listing, IEO, voting as well as digital stocks. Check out more about these features from the Codeo token website and make sure to become a part of this innovative crypto exchange.


Transform your crypto trading by adopting Codeo Token and Archidax exchange. See you at the exchange friend!

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