Coconut oil as mouthwash-does it work

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I have been a dental hygienist for the last 14 years and have seen patients struggle to keep their mouths cavity free and prevent periodontal disease. The consumer market is saturated with products that claim to prevent gingivitis and cavities. Although I am bombarded by big companies trying to get me to push their products I love to look into natural remedies. Natural remedies can work if people are consistent with their routine.

Many patients are looking for the miracle cure for cavities and healing periodontal disease and although there is no easy way to treat problems a little effort goes a long way.

Oil pulling is a very old practice that requires one to swish coconut 🥥 oil in the morning to prevent dental diseases. Does it work? I would say yes! Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral. Bacteria is the leading cause of caries and periodontal diseases so coconut oil can combat these diseases. I have used many patients as test subjects and have found great results. Why does coconut oil work the oil binds to the plaque which is made up of billion shares of bacteria decreasing the bacteria. Streptococcus mutants are main bacteria present in our mouths that can reak havoc if not removed or destroyed.

What I recommend:
Buy an organic unrefined coconut oil, put a tablespoon in your mouth in the morning and swish for 10-15 minutes. Spit into trash can after swishing so that one does not clog their sink. Some people say to rinse with water and brush after, but I have not had my patients do that. The goal is to do at least five times a week, daily would be great but not always realistic. One patient in particular is a fifty year old female with moderate periodontal disease, meaning she has generalized bone loss and always has bleeding. She comes to get her teeth cleaned four times a year, but it just isn’t enough. Now that she has been using the coconut oil five times a week she has no bleeding and her gum tissue is not soft, spongy or dark red.

I would say for people looking to better their oral health this is a great place to start and should give this a try. Obviously, do not use if allergic to coconut 🥥. Good luck!

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Thanks, I've actually heard of this before. I did it for awhile when I had some dental pain, and I believe it helped. I still needed a dentist, but it provided some relief as I couldn't get an appointment right away. I need to remember to do it BEFORE I feel pain, as you suggest.


Thanks for your comment, I would always advise good dental care and not self diagnosing so that something serious is not missed.