What is the Molecular Mixology?

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The molecular mixology

Molecular Mixology is a specialized way of mixing drinks using analysis and science-based techniques to understand and experiment with cocktail ingredients at their molecular level. Molecular mixology is strongly inspired by the practice of molecular gastronomy, this activity has become the object of study of many mixologists

The purpose is to manipulate the states of matter to create new flavors, textures, and sensations that enhance the experience of consumers.

Among the most popular forms of molecular mixology are the use of foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, gases, heat, solidifications, liquids, etc. There are many bartenders and establishments around the world who practice or specialize in molecular mixology, and some of them promote molecular mixology as a fantastic activity or science fiction, which is really overwhelming for some customers.

The Molecular mixology  is a recently used term and has been seen as a refined and specialized form mixing drinks, which many bartenders do not like. Actually there are different activities that develops a mixologist and a bartender, since different skills and knowledge are needed.

A bartender needs a wider range of equally important and intricate skills such as knowing a variety of popular drinks , serving a large amount at a time, thinking very quickly to immediately prepare cocktails.

On the other hand some molecular mixologists do not need skills to mix but knowledge about chemistry and physics; focuses on the art and presentation of the drink blending, studying new ways to prepare classic cocktails like the cosmopolitan , and how to prepare exotic and new drinks, experimenting with not so well known processes of distillation and blends, putting to the limit the basic bartender skills.

The molecular mixology has hardly begun to develop so its principles are very basic unlike molecular gastronomy. The first example of molecular mixology dates back several years, with overlapping elements according to the density or viscosity of the ingredients, many of the basic cocktails like the Marley or Jamaica are an example of this. There are different techniques used within the mixology, here we list the main ones:

Technique of caviar or spherification.

 It consists of giving the ingredients the shape of small spheres such as caviar.

Technique of liquid nitrogen.

 It is generally used to give the appearance of smoke or mist, while preparing the beverage mixture.

Brulé technique.

 The torch is used in order to caramelize the drink.

Technique of gelled cocktails.

 It is a textile similar to spherification, colapez is used.

Foam technique. 

The siphon is used, different whites and fats

Technique of carbonated drinks.

 The siphon is used for sodas and CO2 capsules.

Air technique.

 Soy Lecithin is used in order to penetrate the maximum amount of air.

All my image sources are from Pinterest and Google.

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Great read. Molecular mixology cocktails are beautiful to look at and the drinks I've had that were prepared using this method have been awesome. I'm hoping to try my hand at molecular mixology at home very soon.

its really cool, though I've never had the chance to try one of these drinks, I'm guessing the texture must be different, I'm a bartender and reallly i've got to admit the presentation of these cocktails is simply amazing and also shares a futuristic aspect.

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