This is a Story of a Girl Named Johnae Johnson - #CoatesvilleRising

This is a story about the life of a girl named Johnae Jasmine Johnson. Wednesday July 13th 1988 Johnae was born addicted to crack cocaine. At the age of 6 months her mother decided to throw her on some steps this starting what would be a long run In with cys. At the young age of 1 year old Johnaes mother beat her until she was black and blue head to toe leaving bumps and bruises all over her body causing her to be taking away from her mother and placed with her grandmother. Growing up was rough her mother continued to be addicted to crack causing her to abuse Johnae everyday. At the age of 12 Johnae started to think about suicide, she hated her life and just couldn’t think about any reason to want to live. Her grandmother had her 302d to devereau beneto center where they diagnosed her as ptsd, depressed, asthmatic and proceeded to drug her. At the age of 13 in a mental hospital taking 9 different medicines for diagnoses she can’t even understand and being treated rough by staff members. She did this a total of three times before she got shipped off to a residential treatment facility. It was a hard couple of years being a abused teenager away from all family and friends and anyone who really knew her or supported her. Through out the years she visited about 9 to 12 different facilities. One of which was a foster care. At this foster care in Allentown pa. A place far from home and where she has never been, she was often treated as an outsider. Her foster mom took her weekly allowance away for almost anything and made her do all the chorus including store runs and cleaning the basement when she got home from school. She didn’t get to have any contact with her family as the foster mother had a lock on her long distance. No visits no family just alone. She was transferred to boot camp after that for being non compliant with the lady’s demands. Through out all of this she never received visits from her real family as all these places were 4 to 6 hours away. From boot camp to another facility finally she was 17. She went to a vision quest where she held her first two jobs at the same time. And her last year of high school. She completed night school two months early because she had over her credits and proceeded to work full time as a dishwasher and Nurses aide in a nursing home. In June 2006 she walked across the stage and graduated with a transcript full of A’s and B's then was later released to go back home to her family. A month later she turned 18 and found out she was pregnant with her first child. From then on she knew she had to get her life together and be a better example to her child then her mother was to her. Fast forwarding a couple of years she had 4 more kids all of which were Girls. She also held many jobs often working more then 1 at a time and struggles with homelessness. By the age of 25 as she had been homeless 3 times, had five kids and no where to turn. At that point all of a sudden life turned around for her she got stable housing, a good job at a nursing home and two cars life started going great. For two full years her life was filled with joy her bills weren’t behind, her job was stable and she still lived in the same house. At the age of 27 she lost the good job and it all seemed to go down hill. Both cars broke down she lost her drivers license due to tickets which landed her in Chester county prison. She lost her good job but luckily still had her house. She came home and didn’t give up she got a job that was paying well. She got back on her feet trying to provide For her children and herself. Again at 28 she lost her job got caught driving And got put back in Chester county prison for 2 weeks. When she was released she started a new nursing job then 6 Months later started a second job but still had no car. She reached out to family and friends on social media for help that’s when she met this wonderful individual Kristine (Krissy) Smith. Krissy reached out and took her back and forth to work and made sure her kids got to daycare. Krissy has been a wonderful and helpful friend to have she has went above and beyond to make sure that my family is getting back on track. Since Krissy has reached out she has showed me many different perspectives on life as she is full of ideas and always putting them into action right before me. She has help the bond with my family with providing me with a vehicle, but not just any vehicle her van a very nice spacious 2008 Honda odyssey that has helped me and my family tremendously. She is a wonderful example of a great leader and role model. “I thank God for the blessings she has given to us and look forward to many more years of this great friendship.”

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