Coaching Call with Christopher Kent - Changing The Inner Reality to Change The Outer Reality

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I stumbled into a one-on-one coaching session a few weeks ago. I wasn’t familiar with Facebook messenger at that time, and when a big yellow waving hand popped up, I pressed it and within a few messages was connected on a call with coach Christopher Kent.

I told him I didn’t mean to message him and accidentally waived, and he started laughing, which led to a full coaching session later that day.

He asked what appealed to me about his site, and it was his tagline of “body, mind and soul” because that bypasses the debate about whether we have a “soul” or not, as we already agree we do.

I had never had a coaching session, so didn’t know what to expect, and was a bit afraid. Christopher had high level psychology and philosophy training, and we shared similar spiritual backgrounds and liked similar practices, so I felt as comfortable as I could be.

I liked his enthusiasm for coaching. He started off by building the framework that his philosophy was built on, and asked me where I was in my life, where I wanted to go, and what I needed help with.

The conversation felt like I was entering an unknown path where he placed markers with his questions which directed me to the next spot to head to. He got more specific as I talked, breaking my words and assumptions down into road signs, and then he stopped the conversation and asked if he could tell me something and see if I thought it was accurate.

Of course it was accurate!! I was letting my limited beliefs in that area stop me, but it was such a gentle build up to the spot that we uncovered together, it was in the HOW he did it. He interrupted an old pattern that has held me back in the past, and now it was what was in the past, and I could do the work to change it right now.

Without getting too personal, I was working on improving outer reality to improve my inner reality, when dropping my limiting beliefs now, and doing the work required to permanently remove those labels that weren’t serving me any more was how I was going to get what I want.

He warned me his phone might cut out because he was heading to a yoga meditation on a country road, and he would call me back if that happened.

Then he said “oh wait, can I call you back?” “An animal ran in front of my car.”

Then he called back, and said it was a deer chasing a fox, and he hit the fox to save the deer. When he got out of the car, the dear lept away and the fox limped away.

He said: “I feel bad, but I hit the fox to save the deer.”

Sometimes in life we have to decide to remove the ego based fear and hit the fox to save the deer, or our authentic life, and face it by staring down our fears and focus on the success we want by taking action to get it. Sometimes change is costly, and time consuming, but if you don’t decide to make it happen, you die with your fear still inside you and live an unlived life when you die.

Coaching sessions are an investment in yourself. Wherever we are in our life path, bad times won’t last forever, and help is always available, and we meet the right people for a reason, even if it seems happenstance.

I thanked Christopher and the next night stayed up redirecting things based on our talk, and deciding my new priorities and what little things I could do immediately to make the shift. A lot of action was required daily for this, and I would need weekly accountability, which I had.

It was an unforgettable call in more ways than one, and I would highly recommend that you look him up and see if he can help you uncover the best you that is inside of you too!

“There is no they, there is no other” by Ram Dass is one of Christopher’s best quotes.

Healing is an interactive thing. Like Christopher says, “he has one hand to be helped with and one hand to help others. By helping others, he helps himself because he is on the path too.”

Find him @christopherkentcoaching

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