My Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolio: the 6th issue

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The crypto market is rising faster than anyone could reasonably expect. My strategy remains the same:

  1. Keep the majority of holdings in BTC and ETH. I'm marginally more bullish on ETH than BTC, but believe any investment in ETH should be hedged with ETC

  2. Buy 20% or greater dips in both

  3. Continue to diversify (I currently hold 35 cryptoassets). There is no formula to my approach but factors I consider meaningful include community strength & quality, existing & prospective use cases, technological differentiation, and liquidity

If/when BTC hits $3000 USD, I'll take more money off the table. Other times I sold meaningful chunks: ~$1200 and $2000.

May's monthly performance versus benchmarks is coming in the next newsletter.

These assets are more than 1% of my portfolio. In descending order:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XEM
  • DASH
  • XMR
  • BTS
  • XRP
  • XCP
  • ETC

Some charts:

Great conceptual frame for Bitcoin: logically centralized (a single shared ledger) and organizationally decentralized (independent-ish miners and nodes). Source:

From a Trace Mayer podcast, the best predictor of Bitcoin's price is the 200-day moving average of transaction fees. If still true, seems bullish. Chart source:

Crypto Twitter is great. Some of my favorite pundits:

Thanks for reading. Hit reply if you wanna chat. Happy investing!

-Kevin (@kgao)

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