"Eggshell" incident, Bing Feng pointed to the Internet finance, Chinese young people have collapsed

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Just out of the campus, young people full of passion are struggling in big cities. In order not to let their parents worry, they sign a rental loan agreement with internet financial institutions. As a result, they are robbed by the capital.
"Eggshell thunder" is extremely dark for young people because they are afraid of collection of money, damage of credit and even more fear of luggage being left outside the house.
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The eggshell apartment, which claims to have 400000 units in China, has broken its capital chain. The landlords can't receive the rent and start to drive away the tenants. Many young people are homeless and frightened. Why is this happening? Looking back on the history of the eggshell incident, Bing Feng points to Internet finance. Unfortunately, the young people have already broken down, which makes people think of the beat generation in Japan!
To understand the "eggshell" incident, we must understand the business model of eggshell apartment. Eggshell claims to have 400000 sets of housing, how to operate?
First of all, find a house source, sign a contract with the landlord, and the contract fee will be settled in three months; then, attract tenants, and the rent will be settled once a month; finally, out of nothing, "empty handed White Wolf", holding two months of cash, and then invest and profit, which is similar to the company's half month wage deduction. In short, the way of operation is eight to nine, similar to the above.
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In fact, from the eggshell business model, we can see that this is a disguised "air-to-air" and a variant of the "Ponzi scheme"; moreover, eggshell companies are not satisfied because a large number of young people have just left the society to work in big cities, and there is no extra capital to rent apartments. Therefore, eggshell cooperates with internet financial institutions such as micro banks.
It doesn't matter if young people don't have the money to rent a house. They can sign a land rent loan with internet financial institutions to get a year's rent directly and put it into the eggshell account at one time. However, young people only need to repay the loan once a month. As a result, eggshells hold more cash, and young people just out of society are so targeted.
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At first, eggshell and Weizhong and other Internet financial institutions are good at calculating, but after all, they are "walking a tightrope", not afraid of ten thousand, just in case; sure enough, this year, there are big events, health incidents, many people have been at home for more than half a year, so the eggshell capital chain is broken.
Many young people have already paid the rent, but the landlord hasn't received the rent, so the landlord starts to drive away the tenants; and those who sign up for the rental loan with the Internet financial institutions are not only expelled, but also pay the rent loan every month, for fear that the overdue credit investigation will affect the future housing loan.
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What an ironic thing, even if you buy a house loan, now you have to rent a house. What's more, domestic clothing, food, housing and transportation are all surrounded by horse racing. Why can't landlords directly find tenants and let some Internet companies monopolize the news channels? Why do Internet financial institutions enter? What's the difference between this and the recent community group buying?
The answer is that there is no difference. This is not innovation, but infinite intrusion into the public sphere. Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the public sphere. Wantonly enter the public sphere, run horses and encircle the land and commit crimes. As the name suggests, you can not use it or shirk responsibility. The young people born in the 90s who just came out of the society, just like those born in Japan, have already collapsed, and social development and change have created the post-90s generation.
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This is the story of the "eggshell" incident. Bing Feng pointed to the Internet financial institutions directly. If it had not been for its impetus, the matter would not have developed to this point. What do you think of this? Has the youth of this generation of China collapsed? Welcome to leave a message belo

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