Sunday Brunch 周日的早午餐

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Today’s brunch in a local deli called ‘Boston Tea Party’ - vegetable salad, seeds and nuts, quinoa, mango slices and running eggs. With some fruit vinegar dressing, this might be the best choice for a fresh Sunday morning.

今天在本土的小熟食店“波士顿茶会”吃的早午餐 - 蔬菜沙拉+坚果和种子+藜麦+芒果+流心蛋。用一点果醋调味,可以算是周日早午餐的最佳选择了~ 吃完浑身舒爽,开始发呆😁


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Your post very good in my opinion. Foods.

looks yummy


确实很健康 于是晚上就立刻吃了点儿不健康的😂

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