Snack Time - Sweet Potato Fries 零食时间 - 红薯薯条

in #cn4 years ago

Fries are not healthy, but hard to see no to them;) My favourite fries are sweet potato fries - sweet and salty. With bacon mayonnaise, it’s the perfect snack for a sunny afternoon ☀️

薯条虽然不健康,但是真的很难抗拒😁 最爱的薯条是“红薯薯条”,又香又酥,甜甜咸咸的~ 配上培根美乃滋,绝对是下午茶零食的首选!😋


Thank you so much for your reading.
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Yummy - one of my favourites


我觉得欧洲的红薯烤起来还挺好吃的 很容易出油~ 黄心的



I think so, i love sweet potato fries and my Kids too!

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