Last day in the old Lab 旧实验室的最后一天

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Today our group is moving our lab to a brand new building, so for me, it’s the last day in the old lab. Though the old lab is in a really really old building and the condition is quite poor - no air condition, no heating, no window, ultra thin wall that you can overhear people next door watching TV soaps - I had some great time here. I built up everything on the optical table and made the setups available for all the people in the group to do different kinds of measurement. Kind of proud of this. So when it’s time to end everything, I’m allowed to get a little bit emotional. Hope the new lab can be better;)


今天组里搬家,要把实验室全部搬到新的楼里面,所以今天是我在奋斗了两年的实验室的最后一天。这个实验室建在一座特别特别的老的楼里面,传说中的瓦特大神方面就在这楼里做实验,可以想象这栋楼有多老。。。虽然这个实验室条件非常差 - 没空调,没暖气,没窗户,墙极其的薄,有段时间经常听到隔壁的中国博士生在看甄嬛传。。。但是在这里还是收获很多~光学平台上的每个东西都是我从无到有搭起来的,组里的人都用过,测了不少东西,还蛮骄傲的。今天要全拆了还真是有点儿伤感,希望新的实验室更好吧😊

Thank you so much for your reading ❤️
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Thank you for traduction this post to two language

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It will take some time to set up the optical bench again at the new lab ! Have fun aligning 😄

Haha you know what I’m talking about;)

Yeah I don't work with optical alignment myself but have sit through a lot of photoluminscence experiments with optical experts :)


恩光学平台 也是很多孔


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