Dim Sum - Radish Cake 点心之萝卜糕

in #cn4 years ago

Still the Dim Sum Place called ‘Food Republic’, today we ordered - pan fried radish cake with xo sauce. The radish cakes are deep fried, golden and crispy. The xo sauce and all the peppers create a salt and pepper favour. Also the dish is quite juicy, which makes it even better.

今天又去了上次的那家点心店 - “大食代”,点了“xo酱炒萝卜糕”。萝卜糕被煎炒的金黄焦脆,xo酱和很多青红椒创造出椒盐的味道。而且做的还蛮多汁水的,一点也不干,很不错👍


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that looks tasty!!, but you called it a radish cake...?¿??¿ dont think the picture is that...

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