Birthday Cake - 许个愿吧

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It’s time to get older again... this year the birthday cake is so simple - just a hot chocolate pudding, a small candle, and then make a wish. Hope can be more wisdom and all the wishes come true ;)

又到了变老一岁的时候了。。。今年的生日蛋糕极其简单,就买了一个小小的热巧克力布丁蛋糕,插根小蜡烛,就许愿啦😄 希望变老一岁真的能多点智慧,这一年多些收获吧~


Thank you so much for your reading.
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谢谢~ 就是大金牛女啊哈哈😄


嗯 羞涩点头承认😂。。 每天都在吃吃吃


干嘛说减肥这话题啊~ 咱们好好的~😂

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