Apple launched new features, disobedient people directly off the shelf, but netizens have cheered

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It is believed that many mobile phone users have encountered such a problem: chatting with colleagues in the morning indicates that braised chicken rice is very good. When you open the takeaway app at noon, braised chicken rice is displayed on the home page. This is not magic, but the power of science and technology. It is not only the takeaway app software, but also the online shopping, browser app software and so on.
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These apps will record users' habits, obtain users' search information, require users to authorize microphones, etc. with the help of big data algorithms, they will build algorithm models of users' psychological portraits, push highly related advertisements, and achieve the goal of precision marketing.
Recently, there has been a "Trojan horse storm" on China's brand mobile phones. More than 20 million mobile phones have been implanted with Trojans. Comparatively speaking, the "foreign monk" Apple mobile phone seems to be more likely to "recite scriptures" and launch new service functions. Disobedient developers will be taken off the shelves of APP software products, and netizens have applauded them one after another.
Mobile phone is China mobile phone. China's Gionee mobile phone is not a good reputation. This time, we use thunder to launch new service functions. The users will not be able to get off the shelf directly. But netizens are applauding. It is because the Chinese mobile phone is not worth the effort, it has been burst out of the "Trojan horse storm".
Trojan horse is a kind of computer virus, which is related to ancient Greek mythology. It is said that there is a Trojan City, which is extremely strong, but is broken by the enemy from the inside. The reason is that Troy City collected a Trojan horse trophy, and the Trojan horse contains enemy soldiers inside. Trojan computer virus implanted into the user's mobile phone, can achieve the effect of internal and external cooperation.
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Before 2010, the domestic mobile phone market was full of counterfeit and OEM mobile phones, and Trojan horse implantation was a family meal. However, after 2010, many mobile phone manufacturers have been well behaved. Internet companies use more secret means to obtain users' information, so as to achieve the effect of accurate push advertising, such as taking advantage of users' carelessness.
Make complaints about it. It's all 2020. Jinli and Meizu mobile phone are behind. They use the Trojan horse. Apple is about to launch App Tracking Transparency service function. This function is oriented to APP software developers. If developers get the right to track users, they must give users clear results.
When installing app software, users are negligent and don't realize that data is an asset. They have no idea about the authorization that the software is going to obtain. They click to allow authorization. When the software obtains user authorization, it does not explain the consequences of authorization. Do you want to share user data with other companies to achieve cross platform and Cross website use?
This time, Apple has clearly arranged developers. If the app software developed by Internet companies does not express the consequences of authorization, it will be directly off the shelves; of course, those Internet technology companies and advertising companies are also unconvinced. If users know the consequences and cancel the authorization, how can online advertising be accurately pushed? Apple doesn't care, no wonder netizens are cheering.
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In fact, Apple has been fighting against Internet companies and maintaining users' personal privacy data. Since IOS 5, Apple has banned various tracking and identification methods, such as IMEI, UDID, MAC address and openudid.
Apple launched new features, disobedient people directly off the shelf, but netizens have cheered
Steve jobs once commented that Microsoft's products have no soul; cook once said that technology should have more human nature. Obviously, in terms of protecting user data, Apple has constantly launched new service functions, and those who disobey will be directly removed from the shelves, winning the trust of consumers, and netizens have been cheering. What's your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message below

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