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Today, September 10th Teacher's Day, insisting on sending blessings to the teachers every year. This year is no exception. After the blessing, I asked everyone in the village whether I would send a blessing to the teacher. Some people complained that because of their class, the teacher was throwing chalk heads, chalk rubbing, I In fact, I am especially grateful to each of my teachers.


In the fourth grade of elementary school, the results before the first half of the semester were particularly poor, and the wish was to pass the exam! In the second half of the fourth grade, I met a Chinese teacher and a math teacher. I started to counterattack. The top three in the class must be my other two classmates and me. At that time, the wish was the first! Keep first place! Language mathematics below 98 points is too shameful!


I met a good Chinese teacher in the fifth grade and knew that my composition was not well written. I spent three days specially explaining it to me. amount. . I used to recite the ninety-nine multiplication method in the fifth grade. I didn't think it was necessary to back it. Later, the teacher said that if you don't back, the exam count is slower than others, and the math scores will definitely not keep up. Everyone in the class must be backed up!


The sixth grade teacher gave me a school, let us hurry to find a good junior high school in the list of awards, although I did not go to the end, because there is no money at home, or in the junior high school in the county


In junior high school, the seeds of rebellion sprouted in my heart. At that time, I always felt that I could not sleep well. So I didn’t do morning exercises, I didn’t read early, I didn’t study at night, I went back to the dormitory every day, and I was arrested by the teacher.



I am very grateful to the teacher for not giving up on me. I always feel that many teachers can not do this. He can go to class to go to class to go happy. After all, it is not a biological one. I will teach you that you are listening to it, you are earning, and you are not listening. That is also your business for your parents. After all, it is not me who spends money to send you to school. After all, if you don’t learn well, being a good person or a bad person has little to do with me. . . .


one day ,I read an article, she wrote his teacher, the teacher often gave them brainwashing, telling which students' success stories, how to learn, let them not be discouraged, this time the exam is not good, but she already feels their class Most people don't get the mud on the wall. She thinks that the teacher's words are superfluous, because the teacher is too annoyed, and one day a classmate can't help but say: Teacher, don't you think you are wasting your time? No one is listening to what you said. . .


Do you know how their teacher answered?


He said: Do you think that I am telling you what to listen to? I am telling to the children who are still working hard and can't find directions. I want to light them up and let them take the right path. I am wasting your time, but I can sacrifice them to fulfill them. I feel that it is worth it. Thank you for paving the way and taking classes. . .


I can't completely remember the details of this matter, but it has been printed in my mind.


I always feel that you are sleeping in class, skipping classes, absenteeism, and fighting. . . The teacher can criticize you, that is, the teacher has not given up on you, you should thank him for not turning a blind eye to you, because he could have ignored it, yes, you said that it was his job, his duties, but I want to ask You, will you work hard every day for 8 hours a day? you will not! You will drive a small gap, play mobile phone to visit Weibo, Douban, know, QQ, WeChat, Facebook chat, the teacher is just like you! He didn't have to do it with due diligence, but he did it. He was doing his best to let you go in the right direction. He was guiding you. He is afraid that you will become a bad person in society. If you don’t learn well, you will find that when you find out that the book is used, you will hate it. Come back and blame him for not pulling you as you are on the right track, so that you can stop the loss in time. If you become a bad person, you will be irreparable. Bad things, the hot eyes of your parents;


In fact, God has been treating me kindly, thank you for your kindness, so that there are so many kind people in my life, they are very cool and great. I wish the teachers a happy Teacher's Day, and hope that the students at the school will study their skills well, so that they will no longer have to worry about the skills of fighting monsters on the road. The pigs have monkeys, and you can only rely on yourself, fighting!!



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