GR Tonal Spelling: Who’s Who (Taiwan Politics-1) 國羅名人錄:台灣政界 (一)

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Many outstanding Taiwanese spell their names in GR: scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects, university professors and many others.

GR Tonal Spelling (Gwoyeu)

This ingenious and very distinctive #spelling makes it very easy to recognize talented Chinese people who come from Taiwan. #grtonalspelling uses mostly dual-purpose, #mnemonic letters to denote semivowel glides and tones simultaneously. Most spellings are appreciably shorter than equivalent Hanyu Pinyin spellings (i.e. GR is a “green” system that conserves electrons ;-), GR is much easier to remember and type on a standard ASCII-only keyboard.

Example of Spelling Economy:

Notice how the rightmost stroke of the w in chwan does double duty as a 2nd tone (rising tone) contour marker. The bottom half of the o in choan does double duty as a 3rd tone (low dipping tone) contour marker. Each GR spelling requires an average of 5 marks/symbols (vowel/consonant + tone), but ALL Pinyin spellings require 6 marks (letters + tone marks).

Famous Politicians Who Use GR Tonal Spelling

Three ROC government officials, one of whom spells his name 100% according to GR rules; the other two names deviate only slightly from the rules (score = 99%). [The middle image,Wu Den-yih is copyright: 中華民國總統府(國史館提供); the other two are PD images]

These fine gentlemen deserve praise for helping to preserve China’s unique cultural treasure, the mnemonic spelling system for Chinese tones: 國語羅馬字 GR Tonal Spelling (old name: Gwoyeu Romatzyh).

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There is a small mistake in the Bopomofo for 江宜樺 Jiang Yi-huah. 樺 huà / huah is a 4th tone syllable, but my ruby font doesn't allow me to mark it correctly (I have other fonts, but my Korean graphics software does not recognize them).

I will correct the error manually and repost the next-to-last graphic (the one with three photos side by side).


2nd error: I also forgot to misspell Lin Junqtzer ("u" instead of "e").


Mistake corrected: the updated graphic was reposted.


Mistake corrected! I found an alternative within another ruby font.

Well its a very useful information you are spreading @wentong-syhhae