Drawing: Demonic illustration / 恶魔插图

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Hi Stemit friends here I am back after these days of absence, I come back with great desire and this time I bring a demonic illustration, where they appreciate the details on their face, as the virus affected the human form, making it a bloodthirsty cannibal.

嗨,Stemit的朋友在这里,我回到这些天的缺席之后,我回到了伟大的愿望,这一次我带来一个恶魔的插图,他们欣赏他们的脸上的细节,因为病毒影响了人的形式,使它 嗜血的食人族

Demonic illustration / 恶魔插图

Drawing process


Drawing finished / 绘图完成

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Wow, that's awesome. I think you did a really good job, like how you show the progress of your work.

Thank you to visit, and appreciate my art @dannynovak

u welcome my bro :D

Outstanding job! Keep working like this!

thank you brother that will do, work hard!

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