Travel with Rainie---Discover the secret of Tower of London. #3 跟Rainie一起去发现伦敦塔的秘密。

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Hello Steemians 💛白塔是整个伦敦塔最重要的要塞中心,又叫做诺曼底式塔楼。这里原来是主人居住与守护部队所驻扎的地方。白塔象征着征服者威廉日益雄壮和扩大的权力。

The white tower is the most important stronghold in tower of London, also known as the Normandy tower. This was where the master lived and where the guards were stationed. The white pagoda symbolized the increasing power of William the conqueror.


The tower is thirty two point six meters, and has three layers, the tower is spiral staircase and has a very narrow space, if you want to go up you should be very careful, upstairs is mainly ancient weapon exhibition. You will be passed through a small hole door, there is a picture, and from time to time came the voice of the child, atmosphere is grim, it is quite scary.


It is said the two sons of Edward iv were imprisoned by their uncle in the tower of London, finally disappeared, their uncle became king of England, and why they are missing, is still a mystery. Later on, there were a lot of supernatural stories about it.



It is said that when children are missing after a night, the tower guards used to report, said to see his hand in hand two children wearing pajamas, it""s not just as the bizarre murder happened five hundred years ago. Heart when I heard this story was a quiver, we didn""t hear a loved one less, in order to inherit the throne to play apart, ~ ~ death of death, scattered scattered ~ ~, in order to inherit the throne, even the children all have to go under the hand, the ghosts can spread?


The weapons show in the white tower, medieval armor and modern guns, are very powerful. Britain""s king imperial armor of past dynasties, of course, is Europe""s most delicate, the most domineering, is this great armor, Henry viii, he must be very tall burly, the armor looks as transformers.


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