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Gold Coast, Australia, August, 2017, by @tumutanzi.

几天前,我突然发现我的Steemit账户上多出来一些代理Steem Power。细心朋友告诉我,原来是Steem创始人将这些Steem Power代理给我的账户。

当然,这的所有权并不归我,它的作用是可以让我的账户权力Steem Power提高。相当于有人在我的名下存放了钱,所有权不归我,但我拥有使用权。

使用权是什么?有什么用?具体来说,有了这代理Steem Power,我的账户可以给Steemit用户的文章点赞,平均每天可以给别人的文章点赞带来不少价值。我可以用这个权力值给Steemit上写的好的作者每次带来还过得去的收入,这将大大鼓励他们的写作爱好,让他们的写作得到一点可观的回报。


我一开始很奇怪,我并不认识Steemit的创始人,我只是一名区块链爱好者——并不懂技术细节。他为什么不动声色地为我的账户加持Steem Power?让我能给Steemit作者们带来写作收入?

我猜测是我前一阵子一直在业余为Steemit宣传,带来了不少优质活跃用户,从而为Steemit的社区发展带来了活力。而可能为了让我更好地服务于他们,就借给我Steem Power加持我。虽然我写的文章都是中文,但我利用我那点小小的影响力为Steemit带来的贡献,也许被大家认可了。

被人信任,委以重任,代理给我Steem Power权力,使得我能为Steemit写作者们带来收入。我也会利用好这点资源,不辜负他对我的信任,引导好用户们好好创作。等我有空的时候,我会公布我的点赞原则,尽可能地避免权力的滥用,确保优秀的写作爱好者们得到相应的回报。


享受你在Steemit.com上的写作吧。 首发。感谢阅读,如有可能,欢迎Follow, Upvote, Reply, ReSteem (repost) @tumutanzi 激励我创作更多更好的内容。


Thank you @ned has delegated such a huge power to all of us, we take the responsibility now :) hope to see CN and steemit to grow strong and fast.

謝謝 @ned 借給我們的power 。現在我們都委以重任,應該要好好利用這些power 為cn區、steemit 發展。

How are you nicole can you write you name with chinese write ?




Thank you for updating us about this very generous event! It's clear Ned has placed a lot of faith in you to vest you with so much voting power. I bet you can do great things with that much Steem. You could probably support almost a newsroom worth of writers daily with that sum!

I look forward to seeing what you do with it! Congrats!

I will, thank you for your suggestions.

with great power comes great responsibility :)
感謝坛子哥一直以來為cn區的貢獻,一起努力! 😇

Peter Parker XD

這樣坛子哥要跟spiderman一樣變steemitman了 😜


Wow. I will like to follow @ned. I have now followed you as well. I like the different dynamic and news that comes from knowing whats going on on your side of the globe. Thank you for translating and making your posts in English. It is much appreciated my friend :-)

it shows the level of trust @ned have for you and he believes you will put it to good use.
I will look out for more of your post.





good post.
follow me @goga


Thank you for posting this, most interesting read! As a newb I like reading posts that help me understand what motivates others to vote for posts, and also what makes a good post! I look forward to reading more posts from you, and learning in the process!

That's a fantastic gift @tumutanzi. How long is it delegated for, do you know? If it's a short period of time, you don't want to waste a once in a lifetime opportunity, so get inspired. Good luck! ☺



坛子哥不仅给社区添加了很多优质的文章, 主要是介绍了很多人进来, 给CN区带来了活力.



加油 辛苦了

G'day. Good job mate. Looks like you're in the Drivers Seat for a while!
There's no better feeling than doing something for somebody else.
Enjoy the experience!

加油坛子哥 👍



It's very good to hear that you have that much vote up power. I wonder you give me a vote up. ;P



@tumutanzi, 我是新加入的用户,希望你可以关注我的文章,谢谢。


Wow you have received a great gift. Thank you for sharing and doing a great job with the Steemit community. Best wishes.

CN 區大家一起加油 💪💪💪

相信你對steemit的貢獻大家是有目共睹的,ned必定認為你值得擁有500,000SP的power delegation才會這樣做。希望cn區能持續發展,讓我們一起努力吧!



CN 區一起加油!!

Your voting will force your voice to give me strength. thanks.


Use your borrowed power responsibly! @ned must really think you're the Chosen One xD

You got lot of power! Use it well!

thanks for share

Um IIRC @ned is not a developer but one of the founders. He did speak about lending Steem / SP to give someone power. Do you know why you earned it?

Well have fun with it in any case!

trust your responsibility! thank you for your introducing me into this community!

I did not know you would like to play it.

I want sp too but am afraid if that'll be count as begging.

tip! 0.5 post





It's a great action that Ned has done. It gives you the possibility to support other users and thus bring the community at Steemit further forward!!!!! Steem on!

dunno nothing about cryptography but if U like some renders/visuals check my blog)

this is the first and the last time I'm spamming in Ur blog)

good luck mate))

Really! That is cool

That's amazing. It must be a great motivation to curate and create more high quality work. What an honor for you! Congratulations



Thanks for sharing this article. Hope you follow me and upvote my posts. Thanks

Good post I would like to make a friend with chinese people

Good luck! I will follow you and I hope you follow me too; Greetings.

推廣Steemit是 @ned 的目標吧, 把權力分享了才不會令whale 的口味主管一切

很赞同,权利 distributed 这样才不会让文章偏重于几大whale 的口味。

@ned knows you are a responsible person

with great power comes great responsibility

Yes, I will make the most of the great trust. Thank you.



STEEMIT 由于是全英文的,所以对于我来说,阅读规则与窍门似乎是一个费力的事情,来到这么谦虚的大鳄这里, 我以微薄的POWER,为你奉献出一个VOTE。


thank you