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Kindle主要用来阅读书籍,不过它也适合阅读网络资讯,如果有合适的推送服务的话,以前Google Reader还在的时候,的确有很方便的免费方案,后来?后来Google Reader被Google杀死了

只要有需求,就会有服务。我最近在用kindle4rss的推送服务。这个网站上的推送资源有很多高价值的资讯,包括中文和外文,被墙的和没被墙的资讯,The Economist, New York Times, BBC,甚至一些微信公众号,应有尽有。即使kindle4rss上面没有的资源,比如你想订阅土木坛子的日常牢骚,也可以手动添加RSS信息源,当然kindle4rss也支持批量导入导出从RSS阅读器导出的RSS源文件OPML。




值得注意的是,不要贪多求全,从而订阅过多无法消化的资源,每个人的时间和精力有限,Less is more.

PS 最近将网站的每一篇文章都添加了一张图片,随机显示不重复,我觉得非常有趣(RSS订阅器里面看不到的)。

random picture


Operation - @berniesanders - Negative Rep. Account

Dear Users,
I came back live because the post listed below is immoral. I will make something clear to all. I am not a bot, I use no auto codes, I do all manually, and I'm very good at everything I do, and put my hands on. You all sit around entertaining and supporting this evil person @berniesanders . You see how he does accounts in negative and treats them less than human. You see the way he bashes and abuses this blockchain and others. Those who support this immoral user who is a legend in his own mind and has won nothing, are now subject to the same tactics used before, with some new added since we want to go to another level of treating people unequal. I will come and fuck up every post painting it with truth and turning viewers and potential payers away, including new users. After all, I too am an artist. I see good people being misled, and clueless following as well. Post like this only aggravate situations, they never help. It's never good to go talking like that about others. So if you're as evil as he is, I'm coming for you. Now I made a promise to a friend to lay these accounts down for the benefit of a lot of things, and a lot of people. So, I now will show the world who is responsible for my quick return. @berniesanders is an immoral, evil, simple minded, heartless with his ways, human being. You want to fix a real life or blockchain problem, Take his ass out, and let the blockchain flourish. Take out the real trash. My flags and spam messages trying to have an equal voice never made me less than any of you. And we all well know, we see my messages as I go 1 by 1. So my friends, since this tyrannical person wants to continue to abuse others, I will remain on the server with all accounts live until @berniesanders is in the -negative reputation. I want him to know what it is like to be attacked into silence. We will see how he spams then to be heard. That is now the only cure for this virus created by abuse on humanity. Have a good day, keep smart ~ This Is A Call To Take Out The Real Trash ~ @berniesanders
To those that disagree, flag away at me. It does not matter. Even at -100 I will have a voice.
These accounts used to fight are expendable and disposable. Only Fix Listed Above.
Sincerely, @iLoveUpvotes ~

Webwide (a.k.a.) EatinCrayons ~

These Messages & Flags Will Cease In Entirety When @berniesanders Account Is In The -Negative Reputation. Let Him Now Reap What He Has Sowed.

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