你還能記起第一次旅遊嗎?Can you still remember the first travel experience?|谷哥点名#7

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大家好,這是@jubi 的谷哥点名題目是興趣。說起興趣,當然不得不提旅遊,但這次反而想讓大家回想第一次去旅行的經驗,有時候,當我們習以為常時,卻忘記初心,忘記了喜歡上旅行(或是你的興趣)原因是甚麼。

Hello all steemit friends! The topic of @jubi competition is habit. Definitely, as a travel addict, I have to write something about travel. But this time I wish to let you to think back your first travel experience. Sometime, we would forget the first reason falling in love with our habit, when we get used to do it.

To be honest, I am thankful that I am able to travel.

Compared to the past, it is easier for us to leave and go travel whenever we want, thanks to advanced technology, internet and budget airline, etc.


When I come back to my hometown, however, sometimes it reminds me of the people who wish to go outside but never have chances. Those may be come from grassroots families, or have physically disabilities to travel. So the only thing they can do is to stay at their hometown.

早前,有幸參加一個義工團,陪伴一些從未離開過香港的老人到台北遊覽。坦白說,對於年青人來說,這些義工團是很沉悶,沒有自由活動時間讓你到夜市瘋狂買小吃、也沒法能參觀新穎有趣的景點、還要清晨就要起床開始一日行程。但是,當看著銀髮的老婆婆,手拿著太陽花袋子、坐在椅子上腳fing fing,臉上帶著期待下一個景點的神情,就會覺得一切都值得。這讓我想起了以往初次旅行時的心情,同樣是帶著興奮和想要探索的新鮮感。
Recently, I was lucky to participate in a voluntary service to accompany a group of elderly to travel from Hong Kong to Taipei. This is their first experience to go abroad. Frankly, it was boring for the youngsters to join such tours as we can’t have free time to walk along, crazy shopping, eat all the delicious food or visit those brand-new spots. We even had to wake up in the early morning and start a whole day packed schedule. But once we saw the grey-haired were so happy and looked forward to next destinations, it’s all worth it. They just reminded me of my first travel experience. Similarly, I was full of excited and couldn’t wait to explore everything.


I believe that when you really love something, you definitely want to share with others. For me, I love travel so I wish to bring the good sides of travel to others. In this sense, I would not be upset about what I lost in this trip. Instead, I want to try my best and give the best to those elderly.

When we get used to have something, let’s think about those who have never had. Then we would cherish what we 've already had.

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