Blender 2.8 EEVEE Real Time Rendering Engine 实时渲染引擎

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Blender 即将在v2.8 推出新的渲染引擎 EEVEE, 这是一个新的实时渲染引擎。 由于是 实时渲染,所有的效果都会直接呈现在viewport 上。

Blender 2.8 has a new real-time rendering engine known as EEVEE. Because it is real-time rendering, all effects can be displayed directly on Blender Viewport.

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这个说明实时渲染的技术已经进步到一个境界了。 去年看过一部完全以实时渲染技术弄出来的影片,就发现实时渲染技术已经有很多新突破了,画面甚至可以媲美预渲染的画质。。

This means Real-Time rendering has reached a new level. Last year I came across an animated short rendered fully in Real-Time. I realized Real-Time rendering has become so advanced that the image quality can almost be compared to offline rendering.

(src : youtube)

特别是近来很多Game Engine 例如 Unity3d 跟 Unreal Engine 4 都可以看到 全域照明 Global Illumination 带到实时渲染。

Especially in recent years, a lot of game engine such as Unity3d 5 and Unreal Engine 4 has successfully brought Global Illumination into real time rendering.

(src : youtube)

实时渲染 跟 预渲染 不同在于 实时渲染 必须保持 每秒显示频数 40 甚至60 频以上, 玩game 的人才不会觉得lag 。 不像预渲染那样可以用很长的时间去慢慢渲染到影片里。

Real-time rendering differs from Offline/Pre Rendering such that real time rendering needs to maintain 40-60 frames per seconds, otherwise the players will feel lag. Unlike Offline/Pre Rendering where it has plenty of time to do the rendering.

(src :

说到预渲染, 有一个代币叫做 Golem (GNT), 他们想要制作一个去中心化计算机算力租赁平台。他们目前成功做到的包挂把 Blender 和 Lux Render上的预渲染工作 可以分配给不同的算力供应者。 看来Golem 还有很长的路要走。

Speaking of Pre/Offline Rendering, there's an ERC20 token known as Golem (GNT), which objective is to decentralize computation power rental service. Currently, they have achieved distributing Pre/Offline Rendering Tasks to Computation Power provider nodes. Seems like there's still a long way to go for Golem.

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