Newbies Coin (NBC) White Paper – Version 1.0 /新手币(NBC)白皮书 版本1.0

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Newbies Coin (NBC) White Paper – Version 1.0

NBC Distribution Account@team-cn
Name: Newbies Coin
Amount:10 Millions

1. Related Accounts:

  • Main Account @team-cn - used for upvotes, the acceptance of Steem Power (SP) delegation and token distribution.
  • Treasury Account @teamcn-fund - used for daily revenue settlement and dividend distribution.
  • Contests Hunting Account @cn-activity - used for the promotion of NBC-related activities.

2. The Story of @team-cn

@team-cn, initially known as Newbies Village, was founded by @ericet, @honoru and @softmetal on April 4, 2018. The initial purpose was to interview newly joined Chinese-speaking Steemians to know each other better. The interview posts are published by @team-cn. All the liquid rewards made from the the post are 100% transferred to the interviewees.

As time went on, @team-cn started to act as a bridge between Chinese-speaking Steemians and various dApps in the community. Many projects have been created and supported, including Newbies Homework #teamcn-homework, curation project @cn-curation, contests hunting project @cn-activity, song singing/storytelling contest project @cn-voice and the entertainment project @teamcn-shop. The second edition of the E-book 'Steem Guides' is currently under rewritten.

For more information about @team-cn, please refer to these two posts:

3. The Origin of NBC

As more and more projects are supported by @team-cn, the amount of SP that @team-cn currently hold is not enough to support these projects. In addition, we also want to find a way to encourage more people to join the community.

After careful consideration, the three founders of @team-cn, @ericet, @honoru and @softmetal decided to issue Newbies Coin (NBC) to let people support and help newbies together.

4. Introduction of NBC

Newbies Coin (NBC) is distributed by @team-cn. The total amount is 10 millions. All tokens are owned by @team-cn and will be distributed in the form of airdrop, contests, salaries, interests and sales on the open market.

5. The Aim of NBC

For the community, NBC is aimed to help the development of the CN Steem community, which also helps the Steem blockchain as a whole.

For Steemians, NBC helps and supports newbies in various ways, including writing instructions, organizing contests, newbie interviews, delegating SP to newbies to solve RC problems.

6. The Value of NBC

NBC is valued as 1:1 ratio with Steem. However, it is subjected to float on the Steem Engine open market.

7. The Benefit of NBC to @team-cn

  • Attracting more SP delegation.
  • Supporting contests in the form of NBC.
  • Increasing the SP of @team-cn to better support the community.

8. Approaches to Receive NBC

  • Receive daily 0.05% dividend for delegating SP to @team-cn. For example, delegate 1000 SP shall receive 0.5 NBC daily, which corresponds to an annual interest of 20%.
  • Receive salary by serving as an editor or curator in the projects organized by @team-cn.
  • @cn-activity distributes NBC for contests or limited sale weekly.
  • Trade NBC on Steem-Engine market.
  • Participate contests organized by induvial steemians who use NBC as a bonus.
  • Participate contests sponsored by @team-cn.

9. Token Distribution to @team-cn Founders

  • The three @team-cn founders, @ericet, @honoru and @softmetal, receive 1000 NBC as monthly salary for their contributions to @team-cn.
  • The three founders shall not sell or transfer the NBC that they received as salary and dividend. This rule is in effective until March 31, 2020.

10. How to Trade NBC

NBC is a token on the Steem blockchain. It can be traded on Steem Engine.

11. The Benefit of Holding NBC

  • Daily upvote. The NBC holders receive one daily upvote from @team-cn.
  • Daily dividend. The NBC holders receive dividend according to the ratio of NBC they have. The dividend comes from @team-cn's SBD/Steem revenue.
  • Easy conversion to Steem without waiting for the 13 weeks of power down period.
  • Easy transfer of NBC to other accounts on Steem Engine.

12. Daily Upvote Percentage for Delegators and NBC Holders

Delegate/hold 2-9: 2% upvote
Delegate/hold 10-19: 4% upvote
Delegate/hold 20-99: 6% upvote
Delegate/hold 100-199: 8% upvote
Delegate/hold 200-299: 10% upvote
Delegate/hold 300-399: 12% upvote
Delegate/hold 400-499: 15% upvote
Delegate/hold 500-1000: 20% upvote
Delegate/hold 1000+: 25% upvote

  • Note 1: 2% bonus for using #cn as the first tag.
  • Note 2: 1% bonus for including #cn as a tag, other than the first one.
  • Note 3: The percentage is calculated according to the amount of the SP delegated to @team-cn or the NBC that the individual has, whichever is larger.
  • Note 4: If plagiarism is found, @team-cn has the right to terminate any future upvotes.

13. The Revenue Sources of @team-cn for Dividend Distribution

14. Daily Dividend

15. Possible Projects to be Supported, Fund Application and Future Development

  • NBC may be used to create account for Newbies and delegate SP to the newbies for one month.
  • Existing steemians may use NBC to receive SP delegation for one month.

16. Acknowledgment

We would like to thank everyone who delegated to @team-cn even we were not able to offer them any interest. Therefore, those who delegated to @team-cn before March 31, 2019 will receive NBC airdrop according to the following rule:

16.1 @team-cn One Year Anniversary Airdrop

Delegate 2-10 SP:2 NBC
Delegate 11-20 SP:5 NBC
Delegate 21-50 SP:10 NBC
Delegate 51-100 SP:25 NBC
Delegate 101-200 SP:50 NBC
Delegate 201-300 SP:100 NBC
Delegate 301-400 SP:150 NBC
Delegate 401-500 SP:200 NBC
Delegate 501-1000 SP:250 NBC
Delegate 1001+ SP:500 NBC

Airdrop will be carried out shortly after this post is published.

16.2 The Creation of the NBC Logo

We would like to thank @pgr for creating the NBC logo.

16.3 The Development of NBC Programs

We would like to thank @ericet for writing all the programs and @justyy for providing the API. These programs include:

  • Upvoting program.
  • Daily NBC interests program.
  • Daily dividends program.

17 Delegate to @team-cn

To delegate to Team-cn, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 200SP, 300SP, 400SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, Custom Amount

Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

18 Contact us

新手币(NBC)白皮书 版本1.0

名称: Newbies Coin新手币

1. 有关新手币的帐号安排:

  • 新手村帐号 @team-cn – 用于点赞,接受代理SP及发送NBC;
  • 新手村财务账号 @teamcn-fund – 用于每日结算收益及持币分红;
  • 寻宝团帐号 @cn-activity – 用于推行有关新手币的活动

2. 新手村 @team-cn 源起:

【新手村计划】是由 @ericet @honoru @softmetal发起,成立于2018年4月4日,成立初期透过访谈一些新加入 Steem 的博主,然后使用team-cn这个账户发帖,再向整个Steem 华人社区推荐。目标是透过访谈,让华人博主之间增加互相认识的机会,从而建立起互动关系。而访谈帖子得到的SBD收益将全部归访谈的受访者所有。

其后,新手村 @team-cn 在Steem内慢慢发展成为一个桥梁的角色,积极推动华人博主参与Steem上不同社区及dapp的活动。先后设立了新手作业#teamcn-homework,飞鸽传书 @cn-curation 编辑小组,寻宝团@cn-activity,好声音@cn-voice 及 新手村小卖部@teamcn-shop。现时在策划整理第二版的 《Steem指南》@steem-guides

3. 新手币源起:

随着新手村 @team-cn支持的项目越来越多,现有的SP已经不能够很好的支持及运用。此外,为感谢cn区的博主一起建立华文社区,并且未来希望推动及鼓励更多cn区博主的参与。

经过谨慎的思考和讨论,三位新手村创办人 @ericet @honoru @softmetal决定发布「新手币」Newbies Coin (NBC),让大家一起支持及帮助新手!

4. 新手币简介:

「新手币」Newbies Coin (NBC) 由 Steem 社区帐号「新手村计划」(@team-cn)发行,总发行数量为1000万个NBC。所有货币由 @team-cn持有,继而透过空投、活动、工资、代理SP利息及每周限额发售方式发放货币。

5. 新手币的目标:



6. 新手币的价值:

「新手币」Newbies Coin (NBC) 基本价值与 Steem 1:1挂勾,但Steem Engine的市场价格会因应买卖双方定价而有浮动。

7. 新手币 (NBC) 对新手村 @team-cn 的好处:

  • 吸引新代理;
  • 社区活动可以透过新手币的形式赞助;
  • 增加新手村的SP,可以更好地支持社区项目。

8. 获得新手币的途径:

  • 通过代理SP至新手村帐号 @team-cn,每日可获得0.05%代币利息;
    (例如:代理1000 SP,每日获得0.5新手币,年度复式利率是20%)。
  • 透过担任「新手村计划」所策划或赞助的项目岗位,从而获得工资;
  • 透过寻宝团活动 @cn-activity,以活动形式或每周限购形式发放;
  • 透过交易市场 Steem Engine 向公众购买;
  • 透过持有新手币的个人博主自行举行的活动而发放;
  • 透过新手村赞助的活动。

9. 三位创办人的持币状况:

  • 三位创办人 @ericet @honoru @softmetal 每个月获得1000 NBC 工资,作为对 @team-cn的贡献;
  • 三位创办人透过「工资及代理SP利息」所获得的代币,不能在一年内出售或者转手,禁售期至2020年3月31日。

10. 如何买卖新手币:

「新手币」Newbies Coin (NBC) 是透过 Steem Engine 发行的加密货币,建基于Steem区块链上。大家可透过 Steem Engine 买入及卖出新手币,网址是:

11. 持有新手币的好处:

  • 每日点赞,持有新手币者,将会获得@team-cn每日一帖的点赞;
  • 收益分红,每日按持有币的比重,分享 @team-cn的SBD/STEEM收益分红;
  • 容易变现,不需如SP般等待13周的power down周期;
  • 容易转换币权,可透过交易平台 Steem-Engine.com转赠他人。

12. 代理SP 或 持有新手币数量可获得每日一帖的点赞。(点赞比重按持有/代理数量计算):

代理/持有2-9: 2%点赞
代理/持有10-19: 4%点赞
代理/持有20-99: 6%点赞
代理/持有100-199: 8%点赞
代理/持有200-299: 10%点赞
代理/持有300-399: 12%点赞
代理/持有400-499: 15%点赞
代理/持有500-1000: 20%点赞
代理持有1000+: 25%点赞

  • 备注1:若把 #cn标签作为首标签将获得额外2%点赞
  • 备注2:若把 #cn标签放在首标签以外的位置,将获得额外1%点赞
  • 备注3:有关计算点赞价值,若同时持有币和代理SP,以代理SP / 持有新手币数量最多的为准。
  • 备注4:如果发现剽窃行为,team-cn有权取消点赞

13. 新手村 @team-cn收益来源 及 持有新手币可分享的每日收益分红:

14. 关于每日分红:

15. 未来可考虑支持项目、资金用途及未来发展:

  • 新手村可使用代币为有意加入Steem的新人创建账户,并代理1个月SP;
  • 现有新博主,可使用代币获得1个月SP代理。

16. 鸣谢:


16.1 新手村一周年纪念空投:

代理2-10 SP:2 NBC
代理11-20 SP:5 NBC
代理21-50 SP:10 NBC
代理51-100 SP:25 NBC
代理101-200 SP:50 NBC
代理201-300 SP:100 NBC
代理301-400 SP:150 NBC
代理401-500 SP:200 NBC
代理501-1000 SP:250 NBC
代理1001+ SP:500 NBC

16.2 新手币 NBC 商标设计:

感谢小P @pgr 为新手币设计商标

16.3 新手币程式编写:

感谢村长 @ericet 完成以下程序编写,与及 行长 @justyy 提供程序接口。

  • 点赞程序
  • 每日NBC利息程序
  • 每日收益分红程序

17 代理给@team-cn

10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 200SP, 300SP, 400SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 其他数量
确保代理后自己的账号还有至少15 SP

18 联系我们




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