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此篇游记是#旅行分享 之 London#的第二部分,第一部分请点击如下链接。
This article is the second part of my travel sharing. You may refer to below link for part one.

到伦敦怎么能不搭伦敦眼呢?伦敦眼的门票可以提前在网上预约购买,门票的类型不同,价格也不同。比如我选择的Day and Night Ticket,可以在预定日期指定的白天时间,第一次搭摩天轮。夜幕降临之后,再凭借该门票,第二次搭乘。伦敦眼可是伦敦的热门景点哦,强烈建议提前预定门票。
How can you miss London Eye when you are in London? The ticket can be reserved online in advance. The official website offers varies of ticket package with different price. The Day and Night Ticket I chose allows me to have the first ride on a reserved daytime and I may come back to have a second ride anytime in the night. The London Eye is an extremely popular attraction. I strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid any disappointment.
2015-07-26 032053.jpg

  • Day and Night Ticket的规则相较于我15年夏季搭乘时有所改变,似乎变成了淡季才销售的门票,并且对搭乘时间有了更严格的限制。具体可以参见官方网站。
  • The rules of Day and Night Ticket changed recently compared with my 2015 summer visit. It seems to be an off-peak season ticket only and there are more strict rules over the ride time. You may refer to the official website for more details.

从地铁Waterloo站出站后步行5分钟即到伦敦眼。网上提前预定的门票可以凭借预定的Voucher和预定用的信用卡,可以在Ticket office的自助换票机换票。推荐使用,可以避开长长的换票队伍。虽然实际搭乘摩天轮仍需排队,除非你购买更贵的Fast Track Ticket.
London Eye is only five minutes walk from the Waterloo tube station. For online reserved ticket, you may use the print out ticket voucher and the credit card you use to exchange the ticket at the self-service ticket machine. It is highly recommended to use the self-service machine as it can save you lots of time in queue for ticket exchange. But still, you need to wait in line to take the ride, unless you buy the Fast Track Ticket, which is more expensive.

乘坐伦敦眼是俯瞰伦敦市中心的绝好方式,一圈约需半小时。 今天天气不错,有蓝天有白云。俯瞰大本钟和议会大厦,景色也是美极了。
London Eye is your best choice to have a panorama view of London. It takes around 30 minutes to rotate a round. The weather today is fantastic, with blue sky and white clouds. It is really amazing to view the Big Ben and the House of Parliament from London Eye.
2015-07-25 170530.jpg

2015-07-25 171731.jpg

从伦敦眼下来后沿河步行,过桥至Thames河北岸。经过大本钟和国会大厦,穿过St. James's Park,随后便可到达白金汉宫。
Coming down from London Eye, I walked across the nearby bridge and reached the south bank of Thames River. After passing through Big Ben, the House of Parliament and St. James’ Park, I finally arrived at the Buckingham Palace.

2015-07-25 174738.jpg

2015-07-26 031450.jpg

2015-07-25 182037.jpg


Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen of England. The changing of guard ceremony is taken place at 11:30am daily from May to July, and on alternate dates throughout the rest of the year. Before the ceremony, there is people mountain people sea around the Palace. Though it is a bit crowded, people are waiting in order and looking forward to watch the ceremony.
2015-07-25 185511.jpg

2015-07-25 183239.jpg

2015-07-25 190614.jpg

白金汉宫在每年夏季会有一段特定的时间对公众开放,如果这段时间到伦敦旅行,一定不要错过。具体的开放时间、开放场馆和参观价格可以在官方网站上查询。由于我的时间有限,我提前在网上预约了参观 The State Room的门票。State Room可就是英国女王及皇家款待贵宾的宴会厅呢,只可惜参观过程中禁止拍照。
Buckingham Palace is opened to public for visiting during a specific time period in summer. So if you are travelling to London during this period, you definitely should not miss it. The official website has the details of the opening time, venues and prices. I have made reservation in advance to visit the State Room only as my schedule was a little bit tight. The State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are used by the Queen and members of the royal family to receive and entertain their guests. Photo is prohibited during the visit.
2015-07-25 193058.jpg

2015-07-25 210213.jpg

2015-07-25 212116.jpg

After visiting the Buckingham Palace, I had a quick visit to the nearby 10 Downing Street and moved forward to my next destination, St Paul's Cathedral.
2015-07-26 030600.jpg

2015-07-25 221926.jpg

What a surprise to come across a wedding ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral. People attending the wedding all dressed up, just like a fashion show!
2015-07-25 222549.jpg

2015-07-25 222421.jpg

圣保罗大教堂是伦敦最值得参观的教堂之一,其圆形屋顶尤其壮观,是英国第一大圆顶教堂。这是一个不涵盖在London Pass里的景点,门票略贵,但还是值得参观的。爬上教堂的271级台阶可以登上顶端,俯瞰伦敦。倘若要登顶,需要有一定的心理准备,那个楼梯真是让人爬得气喘吁吁呢。
St Paul's Cathedral is one of the churches that most worth your visit in London. It is famous for its dome, as the largest dome church in England. This attraction is not covered by London Pass and the entry ticket is a little bit expensive. But still, it is definitely worth the penny. You may climb up the 271 steps to reach the higher level of the church and have a different view of London. Do be prepared as the steps are truly exhausting.
2015-07-25 225239.jpg

2015-07-25 225524.jpg

The sun goes down really late in summer here in London. In order to have a night view from London Eye on my second ride, I chose to wonder around the streets and waited until the sunset. London in the night gives you another sensation.




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I'm leaving for London today. I'll be there tomorrow and Tuesday, and then off to Steemfest2

Wish you a pleasant trip to London :)




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