"Laowai" - Superiority Complex // 老外的优越感

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如果这不是你第一次来看我在这里写的一些什么那就是你已经知道虽然我是外国人我也会讨厌一些sb的老外 所以我就起着名字sblaowai 其实我没那么sb 我还是觉得我们该开始聊这些然后可以开始理解一下为什么来中国的那么多外国人变成“老外”之后就能一天比一天的傻逼 我觉得一些人就是比较弱 到中国之后就变成“老外”就会慢慢的养出来“老外的优越感”

If this isn’t your first time reading the shit I write here then you already know that although I am a foreigner living in China, I also am annoyed with some of the noob foreigners here. That is why my name is “sblaowai.” SB stands for Shabi 傻逼 which basically means stupid cunt (it’s not as bad in Chinese I promise.) “Laowai” means foreigner. I am definitely not very sb. I just think we should begin a conversation so we can further understand why so many of these foreigners coming to China become “Laowai” and get shittier and shittier every day. I think it is because some people are just weak. Some foreigners that come to China just become “Laowai” and slowly manifest a sense of superiority derived from their freshly achieved status.

 你们怎么看中国目前傻逼老外的情况 其实我觉得应该教育教育一下 如果要长期实践在中国应该好好学中文的吧 什么3-5年在中国还不会说中国话 这特么鸡巴什么要干嘛呢?我不想跟你们说我在中国认识多少个傻逼老外在中国都7+年中文还没学会呢我跟你说 真特么没用了 我认识这些人我都被气坏了 其实我也能懂那些几年还没学好了 很多老外来中国可能就是签了1-3年工作的合同 然后觉得这时间太短了而且汉语很难学 时间不够好好学 然后其实在中国活着当个老外可以靠英语和手指东西 谁都直接以为你一句也不会 

 What do you guys think of the loser “laowai” dude situation in China? I think there should be some sort of education given to these people. If you are going to stay in China for a long time you should make a little effort to learn Chinese. How could you stay here for 3-5 years and still not speak Chinese?! What the fuck is wrong with you, bruhhhhhh? I don’t even want to talk about how many fuck boys I met that were in China for over 7 years and still couldn’t speak Chinese for shit. Fucking useless. I am just peeved that I even know these people. Actually I can understand those people who just came to China for a few years and are struggling with the language. A lot of foreigners come to China and just sign a one to three year contract. I think this time is a little short, and people just get overwhelmed with the complexity of the Chinese language. There isn’t enough time to learn Mandarin and actually you can really on English and pointing at stuff to survive in China. Everyone assumes you can’t speak any Mandarin.

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Some of my foreign friends also complain how some foreigners in China can be so ignorant. But I think it's also because some local Chinese give them too much attentions. They somehow make much more money than an average Chinese working class. Maybe they've come across something not that pleasant in China. Then they started to feel more superior.

I like your article but I think learning a language is never obligatory. I learn the language here in Belgium because of my interest. Chinese myself, but I don't think anyone should be forced to learn the language. It's all personal choice, That's why I always appreciate someone who's willing to learn the language and culture when living abroad.

Keep on!

I agree with your first paragraph. It is definitely a combination of many different factors at work that causes certain foreigners to turn towards the dark side. There are many internet communities that house these types of individuals. They just have weak minds that allow them to become lost in the confusion. They don't have to be themselves here because they can't really be held responsible for their actions. There is no one in China that has connections to the people they know back home. They are free to become whatever they want.

Thanks Joy! I don't expect anyone to agree with me 100% percent on any matter because I tend to be quite picky and stubborn about certain details. I never think one should be forced into learning the language; it is definitely a personal choice. I just think for one to be able to function in a society he/she should be able to communicate with his/her neighbors about trivial things like turning the music down or borrowing sugar. I don't necessarily support some sort of government mandate forcing foreigners to learn Chinese better if they want to stay here! I am just saying that it is imperative to psychological stability to be able to communicate to those around you and even relate to them. It is unhealthy to be in a place where you are always focusing on being different, not relating to others, and constantly experiencing hardships due to communication problems.

I think the situation with foreigners in China is a little bit different than the whole living abroad phenomenon. China is a unique place with very complicated culture deeply rooted in the way its people thinks, speak, and act. The 崇洋媚外 derived obsession that has Chinese cities plastered with advertisements of foreign (predominantly White) models all over is only going to reinforce this useless ideology. Foreigners in China can and will continue to capitalize off this random obsession. I just like talking about this stuff. I hope this wasn't too long! Haha, hope you read it when you had some extra time.

You are wise. You've seen 崇洋媚外, you must also have seen those foreigner-haters our there. I think the relationship China and foreigners is a love and hate mystery.

I am just an observer haha. Oh there are a lot of people who just hate foreigners as well! When I say 崇洋媚外I am talking more about the obsession with 欧美 everything.

I will share more stories later. Hope you enjoy haha. Sometimes my writing style may seem a little bit like 吐槽 WARNING!

Haha you know what? Before I came to Europe, I would imagine here to be those fancy dresses, beautiful art-deco style architectures, those you see in the movies. But in reality no one really cares! haha so I went to museums to see those old-time funfairs. Your posts inspired me of how things in Europe are different that I thought.

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Different people get different opions,foreingers do get lots of attractions. These years,english are always top rated for Chinese students.Hopefully you are doing good with your life in China,plus your Chinese is good.

The entire education system in China for English is just kind of messed up. I feel the textbooks are extremely out dated and riddled with grammatical errors. Not only are the textbooks riddled with grammatical errors, the lessons focus on drilling this useless, flawed knowledge into its students. The professors don't even really understand the ridiculous grammar that they have to teach, but they cannot and will not lose face at any turn. Even native English speakers cannot fully comprehend the intricacies of these false grammar structures.

There is such a huge industry in China for teaching English. Not only are there plenty of foreign teachers working hard to teach English, but the entire market is clearly dominated by Chinese-native teachers. 新东方 is the biggest school in the entire industry. Their teachers predominantly use a direct translation teaching method. It is literally the dumbest shit I have ever seen in my life for learning a foreign language. The teacher uses Chinese to explain every word as he goes through a list of vocabulary and gives sentences of each one. The teacher is more of a showman than an educator. I have watched many of these lessons, and there is always the underlying factor that the teacher is kind of like a fast talker. He is just bull shitting his way through a list of vocabulary words and explaining their meaning in Chinese. This is no way to learn a foreign language! You need to use the words and practice them in the target language.

The best way to improve your language skills is to use the language and expose yourself to situations that force you to do so.

I worked for 新东方 for a couple of months back home. I teached how to pass BEC test for my students. I was a student myself and never had any experiences in business back then. The reason I can got the job was simply that I was somehow able to get a high score in the test. As you can tell, my English is far from perfect so I totally agree with you.

A job is a job! Your English is much better than all of the elementary school, middle school, and high school English teachers! Come on! Not even on the same level. You would make a great teacher. You would be able to teach English no problem because you have a great grasp of the language and apparently have a knack for learning foreign languages.

This is more about teaching style than anything. It is just pure and utter laziness. I just witnessed too many people using Chinese to translate everything to the point where they aren't even studying the language itself. They are just dissecting it piece by piece and storing it away with some Chinese explanation attached to it. It causes too much clutter in the brain and the lack of practice whether it be meaning recognition or speaking the word out loud hurts a lot!

Tests. Tests. Tests. That is what the education sector is ALL about in China. It really is a shame. There is so much to be learned at that age other than how to get a score on a test. Too strenuous for the children.

True. I always wanted to write something about the reason behind Chinese (maybe other Asians too, I don't know) people's translating behavior. Even in Europe, I've seen many translating simple roads, shops, squares into Chinese. I don't want to judge it but sometimes it makes me confused too because I realized somehow I couldn't figure out what they really mean when they talk to me about a street, city, or shop.

that's right,there is difference between know and use in a real life situation.