关于steemit文学写作爱好群的若干问题回答 Steemit Chinese Literature Group Q&A

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The Steemit Chinese Literature Group has been formed less than 2 days and we already have over 80 members! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:


  Who should join the Steemit Chinese Literature Group?

  Anyone who enjoys Chinese literature, whether you are a writer or a reader, or part of a general audience, we welcome all!

  Should I use “cn-reader” as the main tag?

  为了方便群内朋友互相点赞,文学群号召大家在发帖时使用统一的cn-reader标签,cn-reader大家可以看出,是属于cn区下的,主标签仍然是cn(坚持一个CN区一万年不动摇 :)  ),次标签可以使用cn-reader,其他标签大家可以根据自己文章内容来定。

  For the convenience of upvoting each other, we encourage you to use the “cn-reader” tag in your Chinese literature related posts on Steemit. As you can tell, it’s a sub-tag under the “cn” community, while the main tag of a Chinese post should still be “cn” (we shall maintain the “cn” tag forever :) ) and use “cn-reader” as your 2nd tag. The rest of the tags shall be set according to your post content. 


  What are the topics that “cn-reader” covers?


  ”cn-reader” tag is used for Chinese posts on Steemit, at the moment there is no restriction on topics. It could be anything about literature, novel, poem, essay, or life experiences, writing techniques, etc. “Literature is larger than life, but it’s also inspired by life.”

  Anything to take note in the group chat?


  成员之间相互提问时,如果有人解答了希望可以@一下提问者,有时候大家加入一个群会关闭消息提醒,@了提问者会让他更快查看信息。(@mangoanddaddy 提出该条建议)。


  There is no restriction at this point, our main goal is to encourage everyone to engage in literature discussion. Try to avoid lame or irrelevant topics. (Suggested by @satanas) If you wish to talk about other topics, please use private chat.   

  When members raise a question, if anyone has answered it, please remember to tag @the asker. Sometimes we mute group message notifications, tagging @the asker will remind the person to read it. (Suggested by @mangoanddaddy)

  We encourage the group members to publish more well-written posts. Outstanding pieces will be rewarded accordingly, this is to promote our cn community on Steemit. 


  How about following each other on Steemit?


  We strongly recommend our group members to follow each other on Steemit, to connect better as mutual benefits. For the cn-reader posts, do give your warmest encouragement, suggestion or even criticism. Members are welcome to promote your own posts in the group chat, don’t be shy! While you create diligently through your writing, we would love to give you some encouragement and support too!


  What can you benefit from this?


  Our literature group was just formed, and many Steemit friends have already joined. You are probably familiar with some of them, such as our Tea House hosts: @lemooljiang, @ace108, @oflyhigh, @deanliu. A few early CN community members, like @jademont, @wongshiying and trending Steemians like @helene and @sweetsssj. Other good writers such as @cnfund, @jubi (He successfully started a Google search contest recently, if you’re interested please check out his page.) @coldhair, @mrpointp, @chaofanjun, @tvb, @sylvia1997 and many more. Being part of this group really helps us to improve ourselves and make friends with those who are at the top of their game.


  Our gourp’s main objectives.

  引用群内成员@coldhair 的评论:



  “I hope this literature group could become a truly valuable WeChat group, i hope every member here could contribute quality content. I hope we could use this WeChat group to learn from each other, to encourage each other, share our experiences and our rewards. As we grow, we make more friends, build a long lasting blockchain friendship, that would be wonderful.” - @coldhair




  Please feel free to propose other suggestions as we go along.


  Lastly, I wish our literature community grow bigger and better! It helps to promote Steemit, as well as to discover outstanding writers and their works. 


  I strongly encourage everyone who’s interested in Chinese literature to scan this QR code above. There are many fellow Steemians and literature lovers here to welcome you and look forward to your participation!


  Of course, we will be thrilled if you could introduce more friends to join us too!

  最后温馨提醒下,如果你的帖子是同文学相关,请不要忘记使用专用标签:cn-reader 我们会每天定期对文学帖做出点赞,好的帖子会着重鼓励,不但如此还会在群内推广并转发哦。

  Last but not least, remember to tag cn-reader if your post is relevant to Chinese literature, because we will read your posts and upvote them daily, reward those outstanding pieces and promote them in our community too!

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Very Nice !!


I have a Chinesse blood flowing in my vien, relative at Guandong province, I born outside China, I can speaks chinesse but hard to read. Count me in.


wow,cool~~~I live in Guangzhou which in Guangdong province.hope to see you often on Steemit


I hope we meet someday I think my family is planning a reunion in China next year. I wish we could see each other.


great.hope to see you


My family is planning to organize a reunion next year in China. We try to find out our family tree.






大伟哥,我有个问题,中英文双语的可以加上cn-reader 标签吗?





文学类作品能够更好带动 steemit 向多元化发展,文学类作者群的建立也能给喜欢写作的朋友带来更多的收入,让更多作者加入进来,一举多得!















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欢迎吃瓜围观群众@herlife :)


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Hi, I'm @ izwafauzi
I am new in steemit and not yet understand about steemit
Please help

English Translation (Google Translate) :
Steemit literature writing group established less than two days, has more than sixty people to join, for some friends raised some questions, here to do the next unified reply.

1, who is suitable for joining Steemit literature writing hobby group?

If you are a literary lover, whether it is the author, or lovers, or onlookers to eat the melon masses, we welcome you to join.
2, cn-reader how to use?

In order to facilitate the group friends to praise each other, the literature group called on everyone to use the unified cn-reader label, cn-reader we can see, is under the cn district, the main label is still cn (adhere to a CN area Years do not shake :)), sub-tags can use cn-reader, other labels we can according to their own content to set.

3, the use of cn-reader can publish what literary articles?

Cn-reader label is mainly for the Chinese community literature articles, content themes are currently limited, including literature, novels, poetry, prose, etc., can also be life experience, writing skills, the so-called literature is higher than life, but after all From the life Well

4, literary writing group should pay attention to what matters?

This is not strictly limited, in principle, we encourage mainly to discuss the main topic of literature-related, but we should pay attention to avoid some vulgar class or seriously deviate from the literature-related topics. (Proposed by @satanas) If you really want to discuss other relevant, we recommend that you can talk privately.

When members ask questions each other, if someone answers the hope that they can ask questions, sometimes they join a group will close the message reminder, the questioner will let him see the information faster. (@mangoanddaddy made the suggestion).

Join the group members, we encourage you to send more excellent articles, for high quality excellent articles, we will regularly screen out, come up with some incentives, reward, encourage everyone to make contributions to the prosperity of the CN community.

5, on the group members of the powder.

We strongly recommend that the members of the group join each other to follow each other in order to achieve mutual benefit, the common benefit of the purpose. For literature related articles, more encouragement, more suggestions, more comments. For members to recommend their own works articles, do not feel embarrassed or shy to take the initiative to promote their own works, we are encouraged, you through their own hard work at the same time, we also hope that your work articles get some encouragement and stand by.

6, where can you harvest what?

At present, the literary group has just been established, but there are a lot of friends on steemit to join, some of which are familiar to witness the old acquaintances, such as our tea house of the East, @ lemooljiang, @ ace108, @ oflyhigh, @ deanliu, CN early (Jubi recently made the name of Google is very successful, interested friends quickly go to the crowd ), @ Coldhair, @ mrpointp, @ chaofanjun, @ tvb, @ sylvia1997, etc., not only can get a certain exchange of literature to enhance, but also the way to friends know a big wave of heavyweights. :)

7, the main purpose of the establishment of literary group

Quot; members of the group @coldhair comments:

"Hope that our literary group can become a truly valuable micro-credit group, I hope you big brother, Daniel, great God, and more in the inside to share dry goods."

We hope that we use this micro-credit group, we learn from each other, encourage each other, share the experience, share the harvest. In the growth at the same time, to make friends, build a never-ending block of chain friendship, is also a very good thing. "

8, other

Other suggestions please you can continue to improve the proposed.

Finally, we wish our literary group more and more lively, on the one hand to the prosperity of the Steemit community, on the other hand also hope that we can dig out a higher quality of the article, found excellent authors.

Here you call everyone, if you are interested in writing literature, please scan the above micro letter two-dimensional code to join, there are steemit on many old friends and literary writing enthusiasts, waiting for you to join, welcome you in advance Oh!

I strongly loud everyone everyone's interested in Chinese literature to scan this QR code above. There are many fellow Steemians and literature lovers here to welcome you and look forward to your participation!

Of course, it is also very welcome to introduce more friends to join!

Of course you will be thr tu if you could introduce more friends to join us too!

The last warm reminder, if your post is related to literature, please do not forget to use the special label: cn-reader we will regularly on the daily literary posts to make some praise, a good post will focus on encouragement, not only this will be in the group Promote and forward

Last but not least, remember to tag cn-reader if your post is relevant to Chinese literature, because we will read your posts and upvote them daily, reward those outstanding pieces and promote them in our community too!


now we have the english version of it,hope you enjoy it






Enlightenment highly anticipated by steem users, thanks @rivalhw for the post, may be useful for all users of steemit in the world.

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