The Oxford University Museum of Natural History - Part II / 牛津大学自然史博物馆 之二

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After exploring more of the ground floor, there is also a second floor running around the perimeter of this building and consisting of even more interesting exhibits.




As we ascended the spiral staircase, there was a stunning view overlooking the entire ground floor. The rich architecture was a definite highlight of this place as were the glass rooftops and steel structures. All truly amazing work!


(A spectacular view of from above)



(I simply love the grandiose architecture of the place.)




line 3.png

Once at the top, the main sections include a "Life Collection" and the very interesting "Brain Diaries exhibition“.

Life Collection

There are more than 250,000 different specimens in a "Zoological" subsect collection. It represents many extinct and endangered species so is really worth a visit.

It is said that their "Entomological" collection are the second in size and importance only to the main insect collection at the Natural History Museum in London. This is home to 25,000 unique arthropod types and includes over 5 million specimens.










And if you are not in complete awe by all those creatures, there is also a room of live bees for you to check out, lol. This is such a great way for kids to learn and understand the intricate nature of these intriguing little creatures.


line 3.png

Brain Exhibition

This is an exhibition explaining everything about the brain and how it works. From birth to the end of life and revealing how the latest advances in neuroscience are transforming what we know about the lifelong development of our brains.

We all know, our brains undergo extraordinary changes as we age and make us the person we are today. I found it really fascinating as it covers the entire lifecycle of the brain and even compares our make-up to that of a number of different animals too. I think this is such a cool and unique idea and I have not seen anything like it before.

The way they display the different brains is quite interesting, in particular their selection of birds and mammals, lol.






(One day computers will have faster processing speeds than human brains. Intriguing but scary too.)



line 3.png

A Café and gift store

Lots of chairs are dotted about for people who need to take a rest. There is also a café upstairs which is a welcome addition. They have excellent hot chocolate on offer and tasty home-made cake too!

A souvenir store is also available for people to take away some treasured memories. Lots of stationery and toys for kids that make for great gifts. My personal favourite was the dinosaur skeleton socks, lol.





line 3.png

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History with its incredible range of exhibits was such a fantastic place to visit. It is very relaxed, fun and informative. And best of all, it's free admission for all!

For my Steemian friends, if you love animals or are interested in the evolution of life, this is a must see! I hope you enjoy travelling with me.

All the best!

看完牛津自然史博物馆的一楼,我们沿着螺旋式的楼梯来到了二楼,继续参观更多的珍贵展品。在这里可以更好地俯瞰整个地下一层的风貌。 高大的钢结构和玻璃屋顶,的确是博物馆的一大亮点,非常雄伟壮观!
















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Hello. Cool photo. Thanks for your sharing.


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This is a brilliant article, great shiny photos of high quality, interesting knowledge shares and the architecture of the place a total dream!

Awesome work, thanks a lot for sharing, upvoted & resteemed!

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Very well put together article, i definitely enjoy reading this post and i have to say that's a lot of bees a house, i love your pictures too, thanks for the share


Wow the building is amazing! There is such a wide range of specimens and exhibits too! Visiting must have been a really awesome experience.

Hoolly Shut! who are you? from giant bees, to exposed brains, to amazing architecture to finally get
those grey socks.. i was writing "sucks" instead of socks... that would be a little weird..... That must be a great day for sure! All in one place.


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Awesome pic, awesome museum.
So cool.
I love this post.
I wish i can visit to there.

Amazing well-made post, thanks for sharing!

That's amazing! I wonder why today they do not build in the architecture style of this museum - it is breathtaking.

also - as a Med student - if those brains are real - whoever operated in order to get them out has AMAZING skills, it's just a perfect job, usually the brain is harmed a lot during this process, if it's a replica - well that's a great one!

Macro photography excellent

This trip must've been very educational and fun. I like the big model of a fly and the butterfly that almost looks like the Morpho Helena. Thanks for sharing!

I really appreciate your outreach to people who cannot go to museums anymore or never had the chance to go in a museum . Très impressionnant !

wow wonderful. never been seen this great envy you and UK.. Even though Japan have many museum, there is not this kind of great stuffs. thanks

The Museum has so awesome huge space!

your photography is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight to me, hopefully in the future can provide better postings, so I can know many things in my life, thank you very much. and also hopefully useful for other stemit friends. @rea

Great post and very detailed trip around the museum! Thank you!

Its wonderful...good job =)

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Dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dinamakan lalat

OMG, I could wander in there for days. What a gorgeous building and all the exhibits are so intriguing. Thank you for sharing this with us.🐓

Ich finde die Idee super. Aus irgendeinem Grund komme ich nicht in den Chat. Klappt irgendwie mit der Anmeldung nicht. Mir geht es nicht primär um das Geld. Aber es ist eben schon hart, wenn man sehr aufwendige Beiträge postet und sie in der Versenkung verschwinden. Da muss man durch. Ich wäre schon für einen wöchentlichen Treff. Man muss ja nicht teilnehmen. Ich habe hinter mir ein paar weitere neue Mitglieder hinter her gezogen, die es noch wesentlich schwerer haben werden

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This part look the most interesting always go to have an explore in these places find the hidden gems!

Insects are such incredible creatures! I enjoyed your post